What Putter Does Phil Mickelson Use?

Phil Mickelson, renowned for his skill and creativity on the golf course, is as particular about his equipment as he is about his playing strategy. Your interest in the putter he uses reflects the significance of this club in the game of golf. Over the years, Mickelson has often switched putters, always seeking an edge on the greens.

Currently, Mickelson is seen wielding an Odyssey putter specifically designed to his preferences. The uniqueness of his putter is evident in its specifications and customizations – such as changes in length over time and the addition of personal touches like multiple strips of lead tape. This attention to detail in his putter choice is a testament to Mickelson’s commitment to precision and performance in his game.

Understanding the equipment of a player like Mickelson gives you insights into the level of customization and adjustment that professional golfers engage in. His putter’s length has varied, historically ranging from 33 to 35 inches, with recent configurations reflecting his continuous experimentation to maintain optimal performance. Whether you’re a fan or a player looking to improve your own game, considering what works for golf legends can be incredibly informative.

Phil Mickelson’s Preferred Putter

When considering Phil Mickelson’s putter of choice, it’s essential to understand the blend of technical precision and personal customization that defines his selection. Each element of the putter contributes to his unique game, from specific design features to the custom adjustments he makes.

Technical Specifications

The putter Phil Mickelson uses has undergone several size changes over time. Notably, Mickelson has shifted between a 34-inch Odyssey Stroke Lab Nine prototype and a 35-inch putter. This indicates his preference for versatility and finding the right balance that suits his putting stroke.

  • Length: 33 to 35 inches
  • Grip: SuperStroke X Traxion Claw or Pistol GT Tour
  • Lie Angle: Approximately 71 degrees

Design and Aesthetics

Mickelson’s putter shows his taste for aesthetics meshed with functionality. He often favors a blade-style, which is evident in models like the Odyssey White Hot XG Blade PM. His putters are known to sometimes include extra elements, such as added strips of lead tape for personalized weight adjustment.

Performance and Handling

For performance, the putters used by Mickelson are customized for optimal handling and grip confidence. Mickelson commonly utilizes a SuperStroke grip, which helps maintain a consistent stroke and minimizes grip pressure, which are essential factors for performance on the greens.

Odyssey Putter Series

The Odyssey putters, particularly the Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Ten and the Odyssey Versa #9, are among the models Mickelson has put into play. Odyssey leads in innovation with multi-material shafts and advances in the center of gravity (CG) placement that offers forgiveness and improved alignment.

Customization and Personal Preferences

Mickelson invests in customizing his putters, experimenting with adjustments such as grip size or tape additions. His customization is often discussed by equipment fitters and on golf forums, reflecting his proactive approach to modifying his putter to fit his preferences precisely.

Tournament Wins with the Putter

Mickelson has claimed significant victories using his customized putters, including an impressive win at the 2021 PGA Championship. His putting has played a pivotal role in these wins, showcasing the impact of his equipment choices in high-stakes conditions.

Comparison with Other Golfers

When compared to other golfers, Mickelson exhibits a unique affinity for blade-style putters and extensive experimentation. Other top golfers, like Tiger Woods, might show brand loyalty or certain model preferences, but Mickelson’s adaptability and willingness to alter his putter set him apart.

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