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At Putting Shark, we’re more than just a website; we’re a community dedicated to the art and science of putting in golf. Founded by avid golf enthusiasts with a deep love for the game, our mission is to help golfers of all levels improve their putting skills and enjoy the game to its fullest.

Our Philosophy: Putting is both an art and a precision-driven skill. We believe that with the right tools, tips, and techniques, anyone can master this crucial aspect of golf. That’s why we offer in-depth guides, expert reviews on the latest putters, and insights into the world of professional putting.

Our Team: Our team consists of seasoned golfers, instructors, and gear enthusiasts. Each member brings a unique perspective, ensuring that our content is well-rounded, informative, and engaging.

Why ‘Putting Shark’? The shark symbolizes precision, focus, and being a master of one’s domain – traits we believe are essential for successful putting. Just like a shark in the water, a skilled golfer on the green knows their environment, adapts, and strikes with precision.

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