What Putter Does Nelly Korda Use?

Nelly Korda, renowned for her achievements on the LPGA Tour and her impressive victory at the 2021 Olympics, is one golfer you might be curious about, especially when it comes to the tools of her trade. The putter, a key instrument in any golfer’s bag, becomes even more interesting when it’s wielded by a player of Korda’s caliber. Knowing more about the putter she uses on the greens might shape your understanding of Korda’s game.

Korda’s choice in putter reflects her precision and the confidence she has in her short game. While she has a multi-year deal with TaylorMade for her clubs and balls, she opts for a Scotty Cameron putter to hone her expertise on the greens. This choice showcases her preference for equipment that complements her playing style, providing the feel and control that she demands for her putting stroke.

Selecting a putter is a deeply personal decision for a golfer, and Korda’s choice emphasizes balance and performance. A putter’s role in finishing each hole effectively cannot be underestimated, and as you consider the putter that Nelly Korda trusts, it might inspire you in your selection process. Whether you’re an aspiring professional or an avid game fan, knowing the putter in Korda’s bag could serve as a benchmark for quality and success.

Analyzing Nelly Korda’s Equipment Choice

Nelly Korda’s choice of putter has been pivotal in her putting game, and her overall equipment selection plays a significant role in her performance on the tour.

Current Putter and Putting Techniques

Nelly Korda confidently approaches the greens with a Scotty Cameron putter. Notably, she utilizes a Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2 Proto model. This choice speaks volumes of her putting technique, emphasizing precision, confidence, and a comfortable grip. Her putting stance and swing are honed to complement the putter’s design and performance characteristics.

Full Club Set Overview

Regarding her full club set, as of 2024, Korda carries a TaylorMade Qi10 Max Driver, known for its exceptional distance and ball speed, and favors Fairway Woods: a Stealth 2 model. Her irons include a mixed set—TaylorMade P770 for the 5-iron and P7MCs for more control in the shorter irons. The TaylorMade MG4 Wedges complete her selection.

Performance on Tour

Korda’s equipment choice contributes to her notable victories on the LPGA Tour. The synergy between her clubs and her golfing techniques results in impressive drives off the tee, accurate approaches from the fairway and rough, and precise putts. These factors heavily influence her ability to compete and win, including her major championship success at the KPMG Women’s PGA.

Supporting Gear and Accessories

Korda selects supporting gear beyond the clubs in her bag with performance benefits. She opts for the TaylorMade TP5x golf ball for its all-around playability. Her Nike apparel and shoes deliver comfort and style while also ensuring functionality on the course. These accessories are curated to complement her play, boosting her game where it counts.

Understanding Golf Technologies

When you examine Korda’s equipment, it becomes clear that she values technologies that improve performance. Golf club technologies like precise loft adjustments, optimal weight distribution, and clubface engineering are pivotal. Korda’s equipment is a testament to how understanding and using these innovations can elevate one’s game.

By understanding Korda’s selection, you can gain insight into the sophisticated level of equipment customization professional golfers utilize to maximize their performance. Each club in her golf bag is tailored to the challenges of tour-level play.

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