What Putter Does Jordan Spieth Use?

In the world of golf, the equipment a player chooses is pivotal to their performance, and the putter arguably holds the most personal value. A constant among Jordan Spieth’s golfing arsenal has been his faithful Scotty Cameron Circle T 009 putter, a club that has accompanied him since his junior golf days. Its design is steeped in tradition and precision, favored by many professionals for its balance and performance under pressure.

Your interest in what putter Jordan Spieth uses is answered simply; the Scotty Cameron model has been key to his putting game for over a decade. As an essential part of Spieth’s journey, this particular putter is tailored to his playing style, with a 35-inch shaft and a head weight that facilitates a stable swing and precise ball striking. Its distinction lies in its specifications and track record; the 009 model has earned its place in bags of top golfers and has contributed significantly to Spieth’s notable success on the greens.

Jordan Spieth’s Putter of Choice

Jordan Spieth, a renowned professional golfer on the PGA Tour, has consistently used a particular putter model which significantly contributes to his putting technique and performance.

Overview of Current Equipment

As you look into Jordan Spieth’s equipment, you’ll quickly find that the putter he wields is not just a club; it’s a trusted companion on the green. Spieth has been loyal to Scotty Cameron’s Circle T 009 putter for over a decade—a testament to its quality and his comfort with the equipment. This putter is a prominent feature in his bag, and it is tailor-made for tour usage, which signifies its exclusivity and custom-designed nature.

Details and Specs of the Putter

The Scotty Cameron Circle T 009 is crafted from German Stainless Steel (GSS), which offers a premium feel and exceptional feedback at impact. Here are specific details that you might find interesting:

  • Material: German Stainless Steel (GSS)
  • Length: 35 inches
  • Head Design: 3/4 toe hang with full offset
  • Grip: Customized to Spieth’s preferences for better control

The specifications of this club are a clear indication of its role in providing precise control and enabling Spieth’s accurate putts on the tour.

Putting Technique and Performance

Spieth’s putting mastery is in part due to the Scotty Cameron Circle T 009, which complements his distinctive putting style. The special grip that Spieth uses is crucial for his technique, allowing for a stable and controlled stroke. The design and balance of the putter contribute to a reliable performance, which is key in high-pressure situations commonly faced on the PGA Tour.

To understand the putter’s importance in Spieth’s game, consider that putting is not simply about precision—it’s also about consistency and confidence, and Spieth’s choice in the Scotty Cameron Circle T 009 provides him with both.