What Putter Does Xander Schauffele Use?

As a golfer keen on the tools of the trade, you might find the choice of putter among PGA Tour professionals particularly interesting. Xander Schauffele, known for his precision on the greens, consistently showcases his putting prowess in tournaments. Understanding the putter he trusts can offer insight into what might work for your game as well.

Currently, Schauffele is using an Odyssey Toulon Design Las Vegas Prototype 7CH in red with a SuperStroke Zenergy Tour 2.0 grip. His selection isn’t static, as he has been known to switch his flat sticks depending on his comfort and performance needs. This choice reflects his meticulous approach to the game, often opting for equipment that complements his technique and feel.

Being acquainted with Schauffele’s putter might prompt you to consider the specifications and designs preferred by top golfers. It’s not just about the brand; it’s also about how the putter complements the golfer’s stroke and feel on the greens. Whether you’re looking to improve your game or simply appreciate the intricacies of golf equipment, the tools selected by a player of Schauffele’s caliber are certainly worth your attention.

Xander Schauffele’s Putter Choice

Xander Schauffele’s putter choice reflects precision and adaptability in the dynamic golf equipment landscape. Your understanding of his equipment will deepen as you explore the specifics of the brand and its performance.

Specifications and Brand

Brand: Odyssey
Model: Toulon Design Las Vegas Prototype 7CH
Grip: SuperStroke Zenergy Tour 2.0
Alignment: Three white lines
Loft: 2.75 degrees
Length: 34 3/8 inches

Your attention to the details of Schauffele’s putter reveals the influence of Odyssey’s bespoke design on his game. Known for its exceptional work in putters, Odyssey delivers with the customized Toulon Design Las Vegas Prototype 7CH, integrated with a SuperStroke grip for superior handling.

Performance on the Greens

  • Visuals: The alignment visuals consist of three distinct white lines to aid Schauffele’s precision.
  • Toe Hang: The putter features a level of toe hang suitable for a slight rotation in his stroke.
  • Rotation: Matching his stroke style, the putter allows for the necessary rotation, enhancing Schauffele’s performance.

When you evaluate Schauffele’s performance using Odyssey putters, the equipment’s contribution to his putting game becomes evident. The White Hot OG #7, for instance, is renowned for its consistency and feel, traits that likely factor into his choice in putters. The subtle toe hang aids in a controlled rotation, aligning with the visuals to bolster Schauffele’s confidence and success on the greens.

Impact on Schauffele’s Game

Xander Schauffele’s choice of putter has a measurable effect on his performance on the PGA Tour. Your understanding of how his equipment choices contribute to his game is crucial.

Tournament Success

Under the pressure of competition, Schauffele has seen a variety of successes with his putter across different tournaments. His consistent placement on the leaderboard can often be attributed to his proficiency with the putter. His victories and strong showings, especially on US soil, showcase his putter’s pivotal role in his game.

  • Precision Putting: Accurate strokes have kept Schauffele competitive on the PGA Tour.
  • Confidence on the Greens: The comfort and confidence with his chosen putter contribute to his composure during crucial putts.

Fitting and Customization

Schauffele’s putter is tailored to his playstyle through a precise fitting process. Fitting and customization help to optimize the putter’s performance, ensuring that it complements his swing mechanics and enhances his feel on the greens.

  • Quintic Ball Roll System: Utilized to analyze the roll of the golf ball off the putter face.
  • Fitting Parameters:
    • Grip: SuperStroke Zenergy Tour 2.0 grip.
    • Length: Custom fit to Schauffele’s stance and arm length.

Proper fitting ensures that Schauffele’s putter is an extension of his arm, providing him with the precision necessary to excel in the highly competitive environment of professional golf.

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