What Putter Does Wyndham Clark Use?

Wyndham Clark’s putter is the Odyssey Ai-ONE Cruiser Jailbird DB, notable for its performance and style and key to his victories, such as the one at the 2024 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

The putter, which is part of his well-curated arsenal, has gained attention for its role in Clark’s wins and its innovative design. In the realm of golf, the equipment a player chooses can greatly affect their play, and in your case, understanding the specifics can enrich your appreciation of the sport. Clark opts for the Odyssey Ai-ONE Cruiser Jailbird DB, a testament to the combination of personal comfort and advanced technology that contributes to a player’s success.

Your exploration into the tools of professional golfers like Clark can offer insights into the meticulous selection process and the impact of equipment on a golfer’s performance. The Odyssey brand itself is associated with quality and has been a popular choice among golfers seeking precision and reliability in their putting game. After testing nine different models, Clark’s decision to use this particular putter demonstrates his commitment to optimizing his performance on the greens.

Wyndham Clark’s Equipment Overview

Wyndham Clark has gained recognition for his precision on the greens, primarily due to the specific characteristics of his putter. Understanding the design intricacies and the performance impact of his putter could give you insights into his success.

Understanding Putter Design

Wyndham Clark’s putter of choice is the Odyssey Ai-One Jailbird Cruiser, a mallet-style putter renowned for its stability and forgiveness. This putter features distinct alignment lines on the head, improving accuracy. The SuperStroke 17-inch grip allows for consistent stroke mechanics. Geometric considerations, such as the precise 3.5 degrees of loft, are tailored to Clark’s stroke for optimal roll.

Impact of Putter on Performance

The Odyssey putter in Clark’s bag is notable for its influence on his putting performance. When aligned correctly, the Jailbird provides a high MOI (Moment of Inertia), translating to better distance control and fewer missed putts due to off-center hits. Clark’s putting coach, Mike Kanski, might corroborate the symbiotic relationship between the putter design and Clark’s technique, which contributes substantially to his putting prowess.

Professional Success and Gear Choices

In the competitive world of professional golf, the right equipment can be as crucial as talent. Your understanding of Wyndham Clark’s journey to success is incomplete without considering his precise gear choices, especially the putter that has served him well in key tournaments.

Tournament Achievements

Wyndham Clark has marked his presence on the PGA Tour with significant victories. His proficiency with the putter shone brightly at the Wells Fargo Championship and was instrumental during the U.S. Open, where he achieved an impressive ranking in Strokes Gained: Putting. He has also performed notably at venues like Bay Hill and TPC River Highlands, home of the Travelers Championship.

Equipment Strategy and Customization

Clark’s equipment is tailored to his game with precision. Previously wielding a TaylorMade Spider putter, he shifted to a putter provided by Odyssey, which is part of Callaway’s repertoire. This change in his equipment strategy, specifically to an Odyssey Versa Jailbird model, is cited by sources like Golf.com and GolfWRX.com as a pivotal factor in his triumph at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Customization plays a pivotal role in optimizing performance. For Clark, this means adjusting his clubs to match his swing mechanics. From irons and wedges by Titleist and Ping, to golf balls like the Titleist Pro V1x, his selections reflect a brand-agnostic philosophy, focusing on what will help improve his game rather than brand loyalty. This approach is evident in his driver of choice, the Titleist TSR3, which is often tweaked to optimal settings to maximize driving distance.

Clark and his team often collaborate with experts like Joe Toulon, a master fitter from True Spec Golf, to ensure each club is fitted correctly. Matches to shafts like the True Temper Dynamic Gold X7 are made to complement his irons, like the Titleist 620 CB and Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi utility iron, which offer a blend of control and power.

Your gear can influence your game significantly, and Clark’s thoughtful approach to his equipment, from his putter to his irons, demonstrates how crucial the right tools are on the path to professional success.

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