What Putter Does Viktor Hovland Use?

Viktor Hovland uses the Ping PLD DS 72 prototype. This precise tool is known for its role in Hovland’s repeat victories, including his notable performances in Mexico. What distinguishes this putter is not just its association with Hovland, but its design and performance that meet the exacting demands of a golf enthusiast at the highest levels of the sport.

Understanding the importance of a good putter, the Ping PLD DS 72 stands out with its face-balanced mallet design, offering forgiveness and a solid feel from its milled forged steel head. If you’re aiming to refine your gear with insights from the top, knowing that a three-time PGA Tour winner trusts this putter could be the nudge you need for your next upgrade.

Equipment Profile

In this section, you’ll get specifics on Viktor Hovland’s golf equipment, delving into the tools he employs for a precision game. These golf essentials from driver to putter are tailored to his playing style, offering control and maximized performance.

Driver and Fairway Woods

Viktor Hovland has been known to use a Titleist U510 driving iron with a 20° loft, paired with a Graphite Design Tour AD DI Hybrid 85 X shaft for flexibility and torque. He alternates this with a 7-wood based on course demands, showing a preference for versatility in his gear.

Irons and Wedges

The PING i210 irons, renowned for their control and feel, often facilitate his precision on the greens. The wedges in Hovland’s bag are likely to be from the PING Glide series, specifically the Ping Glide 4.0 or Ping Glide 2.0, both acclaimed for their grooves and enhanced spin capabilities.

Putter Specifications

The putter of choice for Hovland is the Ping PLD DS 72. Known for its role in his victories, this putter features a 36-inch length and is part of a limited edition “Hovi” series. The PLD DS 72 is engineered for consistent roll and precise feedback, critical in high-stakes situations.

By understanding the carefully chosen clubs in Hovland’s bag, you can appreciate the thought that goes into selecting the right equipment for top-tier performance.

Viktor Hovland’s Putter Choice

Viktor Hovland, a professional golfer whose putting game is as formidable as his full swing, trusts his short game to a particular putter. In 2023, Hovland’s reliable choice was the Ping PLD DS 72, which is a part of Ping’s PLD (Putting Lab Design) line. Renowned for its precision and unique design, this putter has been a notable component of Hovland’s golf arsenal.

The Ping PLD DS 72 is characterized by several key features that enhance a golfer’s performance on the greens. It has a milled insert which improves the feel of putts. Players often notice a difference in the feedback upon impact, making their strokes more consistent. Additionally, the putter has alignment lines on the topline, which aide in ensuring that your putts start on the correct path.

Your grip is just as important as the putter itself, and Hovland uses a Winn grip to ensure a comfortable and steady hold. This type of grip is popular among many professional golfers, as it provides excellent traction and feel regardless of weather conditions.

One thing that makes the Ping PLD DS 72 stand out is its face-balanced mallet design. This design is particularly forgiving on off-center hits, maintaining accuracy and distance control. It’s a putter that instills confidence due to its performance-proven nature on professional tours.

This putter has been featured and reviewed on golf-centric platforms such as Golf.com. Experts and enthusiasts alike praise it for supplementing a golfer’s putting game. When you choose a putter like Hovland’s, you’re investing in a tool that could elevate your game, backed by the trust and success of one of golf’s young talents.

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