What Putter Does Tommy Fleetwood Use?

Tommy Fleetwood has been known to experiment with different putters in search of the optimum feel and performance, reflecting the importance of this club in refining his game.

Fleetwood recently settled on an Odyssey White Hot Pro 3 putter with a SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 grip.

This putter choice indicates his search for the right balance and control on the greens, a quest that many golfers can relate to. The putter’s design and Fleetwood’s grip style work in tandem to suit his distinct putting technique. The switch to the Odyssey White Hot Pro 3 demonstrates Fleetwood’s meticulous approach to his equipment, seeking a putter that complements his stroke and feel on the greens. These are all crucial factors in aiming for precision and consistency in putting performance.

Tommy Fleetwood’s Putter Choice

Tommy Fleetwood relies on precision and control in his putting game, a feat he accomplishes with his chosen putter. Here, you’ll learn about the specifications that make his putter suited for his successful game and how it contributes to his performance on the greens.

Putter Specifications

Brand: Odyssey
Model: White Hot Pro #3 Putter
Notable Features:

  • Insert: White Hot insert for improved feel and sound
  • Alignment: Aids that enhance confidence and control
  • Customization: Personalized with Fleetwood’s initials and a custom grip

The Odyssey White Hot Pro #3 is crafted to offer a seamless blend of feedback and performance. The putter’s insert is engineered for consistent sound and tactile response upon ball contact, contributing to a refined feel that players like Fleetwood appreciate. The putter’s alignment features are designed to boost confidence and accuracy, while personalized touches, including his initials, add a level of comfort and ownership over his short game.

Performance and Success

Key Attributes:

  • Feel: Engineered to provide exceptional feedback
  • Confidence: Alignment aids bolster self-assurance on the green
  • Control: Designed for precision and consistency in strokes

Fleetwood’s choice of putter underscores his commitment to excellence in putting. The control it affords ensures that his strokes are measured and consistent, a critical aspect of his putting success. The feedback from the Odyssey White Hot Pro #3 putter enables him to judge distances more accurately, fostering a feel that translates into tangible results during tournaments. His putter is not just a tool but an extension of his technique, embodying the certainty and control he wields on the greens.

Golf Club Arsenal Beyond the Putter

When examining Tommy Fleetwood’s equipment, you’ll find meticulous choices tailored for performance, including irons known for consistency and fairway woods designed for distance.

Full Set Composition

As a TaylorMade staff player, Tommy Fleetwood often opts for the latest innovations the brand offers to ensure he maintains peak performance on the golf course. His iron selection frequently features the TaylorMade P7TW Irons, a set known for offering a high degree of control and forgiveness, key attributes for any golfer striving for consistency.

  • Driver: A critical club for setting the tone off the tee, providing the distance needed on long holes.
  • Fairway Woods: These clubs are chosen for their ability to deliver distance and accuracy from the fairway to the green.

Specialized Clubs and Preferences

Fleetwood has shown preferences for clubs that offer specific advantages in his game. Notably, he incorporates the TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Wedge into his setup, which offers versatility and control in short game shots.

  • Wedges: Essential for approach shots, sand bunkers, and finesse around the greens.
  • Golf Ball: His choice, the TaylorMade TP5x Pix Golf Ball, praised for its visibility and alignment aid, complements his play style, contributing to both distance and spin control.

Fleetwood’s attention to detail extends to his club selection, where each club serves a distinct purpose, from the TaylorMade SiM2 driver for its forgiveness and aerodynamics to the TaylorMade Qi10 5-Wood for its balance between control and distance. These are key components in his arsenal that contribute to his successes, such as those at the Ryder Cup. His preferences are a testament to the importance of having the right tools to complement one’s skills on the golf course.

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