What Putter Does Tiger Woods Use? Unveiling the Golf Legend’s Choice

Tiger Woods is one of the most scrutinized golfers when it comes to equipment choices, particularly his putter. Your curiosity about the putters he’s used throughout his illustrious career is well-founded, as they’ve been instrumental in his numerous victories. Early in his career, Woods was seen using a Ping Anser 2 during his amateur wins in the mid-90s but quickly transitioned to a putter that would become as iconic as the golfer himself.

The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS (German Stainless Steel) putter is the club most associated with Woods, as it helped him secure 14 of his 15 major championships after he first put it into play in 1999. Despite brief periods of experimentation with other putters, Woods has shown a lasting preference for the Scotty Cameron brand due to his remarkable success with it. His trust in this particular putter has made it not just a part of his equipment repertoire but a significant piece of golf history.

As you explore the details of Tiger Woods’ choice in putters, consider how each putter has coincided with different phases of his career. While his loyalty to the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS stands out, his occasional switches to other models, including those from TaylorMade, Nike, and Odyssey, reflect his continuous search for precision on the greens. Understanding Woods’ putter use gives you a unique insight into the tools that have contributed to the making of a golf legend.

Tiger Woods’ Putter Evolution

As you explore Tiger Woods’ progression of putters, you’ll uncover the details that have accompanied the golfer’s storied career, from the early days to his latest tournaments. Each putter selection has influenced his performance on the course and golf equipment culture.

From the Early Days to the Present

Tiger Woods began his professional golf journey with a Ping Anser 2 Stainless Steel putter during his triumphs at the 1994 and 1995 U.S. Amateur championships. By 1996, Woods had transitioned to a Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport TeI3, notable for its unique Pro Platinum finish and red dot design in the back cavity. This putter was in his bag for his first major win at the 1997 Masters.

Entering 1999, Woods found remarkable success with a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS (German Stainless Steel) model. This association with the Newport 2 GSS persisted as he achieved 14 of his 15 major titles. Golf fans may recall seeing Woods wield this putter at championships like the PGA and The Open, often enhancing it with his preferred Ping PP58 grip, which he’s used since college.

Design and Technical Aspects of Woods’ Putters

Woods’ putters have been characterized by their meticulous design and technical nuances. The Newport 2 GSS, for instance, has precise weight distribution and a blade-style clubhead favored by Woods for its feel and responsiveness. The head weight typically matches Woods’ preference, and he occasionally adds lead tape for fine-tuning.

Its loft and lie angles are customized to his playing style, while the grip—a black Golf Pride Tour Velvet or a Pingman rubber grip—is installed with meticulous attention to the alignment for a consistent hand placement.

Putter Selection and Performance on the Course

On the course, Woods’ choice of putter has been as strategic as any other aspect of his game. While his use of the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS prototype is most recognized—crediting it for invaluable stability and consistency in putting—he’s not averse to change. He has experimented with models like the Nike Method 001, TaylorMade TP Ardmore 3, and TP Black Copper Juno for brief periods.

The feel of the putter, from its topline to the grip, is a priority for Woods, who often judges the suitability of a putter by its balance and feedback upon impact. His adjustments to weight and grip demonstrate his intimate understanding of how equipment affects performance.

Tiger Woods’ Impact on Golf Equipment Culture

Tiger Woods has left his mark on golf history and significantly influenced golf equipment culture. His loyalty to the Scotty Cameron Newport series spurred interest amongst amateur and professional golfers alike, leading to the increased popularity of the brand. When they occur, his putter changes often result in widespread industry speculation and attention from golf equipment enthusiasts and media alike.

Woods’ specifications, from putter length to grip style, have been dissected and emulated, reflecting his meticulous approach to golf equipment. His influence extends beyond performance, indirectly shaping club design and consumer preferences. His putter choices are a subject of intrigue on podcasts and interviews, such as the Fully Equipped podcast by Golf.com, where experts like Jonathan Wall delve into the intricacies of equipment fitting.

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