What Putter Does Patrick Cantlay Use?

Historically a Newport blade user, Cantlay has shown a willingness to switch things up for better performance, which led him to a mallet-style putter in 2021.

Currently, Patrick Cantlay is using a Scotty Cameron T-5 Proto putter, known for its precision and craftsmanship. This particular putter has a SuperStroke grip, adding stability and comfort. With this tool, Cantlay has demonstrated exceptional putting ability, contributing to his reputation as one of the top putters on tour. Understanding Cantlay’s putter selection can offer insights into the high-performance gear preferred by PGA Tour professionals, whether on fast greens or under pressure-packed situations.

Patrick Cantlay’s Equipment Profile

Patrick Cantlay’s precision on the greens is significantly attributed to his putter, the Scotty Cameron Phantom X5. As part of his winning arsenal, the putter has seen major tournament success and offers a clear example of the synergy between player skill and equipment quality.

Putter Details

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X5, Patrick Cantlay’s bag putter, is designed with optimal balance and an alignment aid to assist with precision. The putter’s length suits Cantlay’s stance and stroke style, which contributes to his confidence on the green.

Performance on the Green

Over his career, Cantlay’s strokes gained: putting statistics have been impressive, a testament to his adept performance on the green. This specific putter has aided him in maintaining a consistent impact, contributing to better speed control and helping to read the break on putts.

Regulation and Customization

Like all equipment used on the PGA Tour, Cantlay’s putter complies with the strict regulations set forth by the governing bodies. However, within these regulations, there is space for customization to match a player’s personal preferences, and the Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 in Cantlay’s bag is tailored to his specifics.

Significance in Major Tournaments

Cantlay’s putter played a significant role in clinching titles such as the FedEx Cup, the Tour Championship, and the Memorial Tournament. It was notably impactful during the FedEx Cup playoffs.

Comparison with Peers

Compared to other top players like Bryson DeChambeau and Justin Thomas, Cantlay’s putter choice reflects a preference for a mallet-style head, known for improving forgiveness on off-center strokes.

Training and Technique

Through dedicated training, Cantlay has refined his putting technique. His putter’s stability and feedback support a smooth arc and effective stroke, which are critical during high-pressure situations on tour.

Cantlay’s Golf Club Set

  • Driver: Titleist TS3
  • Irons: Titleist 718 AP2
  • Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM series
  • Fairway Wood: Titleist TS2
  • Hybrid: Custom-build
  • Golf Ball: Titleist Pro V1x

Cantlay’s club set features a mix of equipment, all optimized for performance and tailored to his game style.

Additional Equipment Details

The other gear in Cantlay’s setup, such as the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball, is selected for its exceptional on-course performance characteristics, offering a balance of distance, control, and spin.

The Golfer Behind the Putter

Patrick Cantlay, a PGA Tour professional known for his precision and confidence on the green, consistently demonstrates the significance of a golfer’s relationship with their putter.

Career Highlights

Knowing Cantlay’s track record enhances your appreciation of his putter choice. The Californian golf star boasts significant achievements, including a victory at the Memorial Tournament and a triumph in the Tour Championship, which secured the prestigious FedEx Cup.

Cantlay’s Golf Philosophy

Cantlay’s approach emphasizes steadiness and an even-keeled temperament, which reflects in his putting arc and has been crucial to his success. He values the consistency a reliable putter provides.

Sources of Golfer Insight

For insights into Cantlay’s performance, you might frequent sites like Golf.com and GolfWRX.com. They often provide detailed analysis on Cantlay’s game, including his putter adjustments during a record-setting playoff at the BMW Championship.

Collaboration with Manufacturers

Behind every professional golfer is a partnership with equipment manufacturers. For Cantlay, this includes working closely with Paul Vizanko and the team at Scotty Cameron, ensuring his putter is tailored to his exact preferences.

Fan Engagement and Publicity

Cantlay’s success and equipment choices, such as his putter, generate significant fan engagement. The public is keen on replicating the same level of performance, looking up to his choice of golf clubs including the acclaimed Scotty Cameron Phantom X5.

Influence on Equipment Trends

Cantlay’s use of equipment, especially his putter, shapes industry trends. The performance of players like him on the PGA Tour often influences amateur golfers’ buying decisions, underlining the impact of professional choices on the golf equipment market.

Through his career achievements, philosophy, insights from authoritative golf sources, collaboration with manufacturers, fan-driven engagement, and influence on equipment trends, Patrick Cantlay exemplifies how a golfer’s choice of putter is much more than just a part of their bag—it’s a component of their identity and success on the course.

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