What Putter Does Matt Fitzpatrick Use?

Historically, Fitzpatrick wielded a Yes! Tracy II putter, which served him well for many years. However, at the conclusion of 2020, he transitioned to a new putter as part of a specific contract agreement.

Now, Fitzpatrick uses a DASS BB1 Fitz prototype by Bettinardi. This high-quality putter is the result of his deal with Bettinardi, reflecting both his personal playing style and the company’s reputation for crafting exceptional custom putters. This shift showcases his adaptability and willingness to embrace new tools that can enhance his play.

Matt Fitzpatrick’s Putter of Choice

Matt Fitzpatrick’s putter is characterized by its unique design and technological innovation, which have evolved over time to fit his precise demands on the greens.

History and Evolution of the Putter

Matt Fitzpatrick’s putter journey began when he was 16 when he was using a Yes! Golf Tracy II, famous for its distinctive C-Groove technology. However, his current gear includes a partnership with Bettinardi, renowned for their precision-crafted putters. You can see the evolution from a more generalized putter design to one that’s bespoke for Fitzpatrick, including the use of a Bettinardi putter with specific designs by Sam Bettinardi.

Sam Bettinardi’s role has been crucial, taking over the family business to continue innovating in the realm of high-end putters. The shift to using a Bettinardi Putter represents a step towards more advanced putting technology with subtle, yet crucial, improvements in performance.

Technical Specifications

Delving into the specifics of Fitzpatrick’s current putter, you will find that it is a Bettinardi Inovai model. Known for excellence in design and functionality, the Inovai provides a strategic advantage with its cutting-edge technology. Here are two key features that you should pay close attention to:

  • Roll Control Face: This newer innovation by Bettinardi employs milling techniques that are patented, aiming to produce a more consistent and true roll.
  • Dass BB1 Flow Tour Dept: A specific model that Fitzpatrick has been associated with, notable for its craftsmanship and the use of DASS (Double Aged Stainless Steel), which is a signature Bettinardi material.

Rare is the player on tour without a custom piece, and Fitzpatrick’s putter is often thought to be a replica of the one he has played in the past, tailored to his playing style and preferences. Indeed, the putter Fitzpatrick wields on the greens is much more than just a tool; it is a testament to personalization and precision engineering in the game of golf.

Performance on the Course

Matt Fitzpatrick’s choice of putter has significantly influenced his outcomes on professional golf courses. Your understanding of Fitzpatrick’s performance can be enhanced by examining his achievements in major championships and drawing comparisons between his play and that of other top golfers.

Major Championships and Performance

  • US Open: At the US Open, especially the 2022 edition at The Country Club in Brookline, Fitzpatrick’s putter played a crucial role. His precision on the greens contributed to his victory, marking a standout performance in his career on the PGA Tour.
  • DP World Tour: Beyond the US Open, Fitzpatrick has shown consistent results in the DP World Tour events, reinforcing his reputation for reliability and performance under pressure.

Comparative Analysis

When comparing Fitzpatrick’s putting performance with others on tour:

  • Putting Accuracy: His proficiency with the putter is often reflected in statistics, where he ranks favorably in putting accuracy.
  • Victories and Rankings: Key wins like the one at the RBC Heritage spotlight the impact of his putting game. Combined with his Tour Championship appearances, Fitzpatrick’s successes can be correlated with his putter choice and performance on the greens.

Both his choice of equipment and skill with the putter have underpinned Fitzpatrick’s achievements across various golf courses and tournaments.

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