What Putter Does Justin Thomas Use?

If you’re a golf enthusiast trying to understand the gear choices of top players, knowing which putter Justin Thomas uses can be particularly insightful. As a professional golfer who has won multiple PGA Tour events, including a major championship in 2022, Thomas’s equipment selections are often the subject of keen interest. His preference for putters reflects a combination of personal comfort and technological precision that aligns with his playing style.

Up until recently, your attention to Justin Thomas’s gear would have revealed a consistent choice in his putting arsenal—a Scotty Cameron putter. Thomas has been known for using a Scotty Cameron T5 Proto Tour Only putter, a unique piece of equipment tailor-made to suit his personal preferences and the demands of high-pressure play. This custom putter has played an integral role in his victories, highlighting how a suitable putter can match and even enhance a golfer’s technique on the greens.

Detailed Analysis of Justin Thomas’ Putter

Your understanding of Justin Thomas’ choice in putters is crucial, particularly how it influences his game and the exceptional customization he prefers. The putter is a pinnacle of precision engineering and serves as a cornerstone of his success on the green.

Design and Specifications

Justin Thomas has preferred the Scotty Cameron putters, particularly the Phantom X 5 and Phantom X 5.5, for their meticulous design. While the Phantom X 5 stands out with its knuckle neck and clean lines, the Phantom X 5.5 features a short slant neck, offering a different toe hang and balance. The length, loft, and lie are tailored to Thomas’ stroke preferences.

Performance on the Green

Your insight into Thomas’ putting performance shows that the specific design directly contributes to his confident, arced stroke. The putter head’s milled face and weight distribution ensure a solid impact with the ball, enhancing feel and feedback—crucial elements for competitive play.

Comparison and Golf Equipment

When comparing the Scotty Cameron models with others like Odyssey or TaylorMade, one should note the significance of the counterbalance feature which is a hallmark of Thomas’ putter choice. It aids in his distinctive stroke style and comfort, distinguishing it from competitors like Callaway or Ping.

Custom Adjustments and Preferences

Justin Thomas’ putters incorporate custom adjustments tailored to his grip and stroke style. These preferences, like specific offset or loft adjustments, enable a personalized feel paramount for his play. His grip choice, often a thicker option, adds to the unique comfort and balance during his swing.

Tour Success and Milestones

Discussing milestones, the Phantom X 5.5 is associated with Thomas’ success at pinnacle events like the PGA Championship and the Players Championship. This putter has been in his bag for key victories, demonstrating its effectiveness at the highest levels of play.

Additional Gear and Accessories

Beyond the putter, your golf bag includes essentials such as Titleist Pro V1x golf balls, Titleist T100 irons, and Titleist TS3 fairway woods. These are complemented with wedges, like the Vokey Design SM9, ensuring a holistic approach to your equipment strategy.

Pricing and Availability

Scotty Cameron putters are positioned as premium items regarding pricing and availability. While the exact custom versions used by Thomas might not be for sale, similar models are often available for purchase in select golf stores and on various reputable golf equipment websites.

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