What Putter Does Jon Rahm Use?

When you consider the tools of the trade for professional golfers, the putter emerges as a crucial club. Jon Rahm, a top-tier golfer and major champion, has a discerning preference when it comes to his putter choice. His success on the greens is often attributed to the Odyssey White Hot OG Rossie S putter he uses. This particular putter is custom made to his specifications and is notable for its mid-mallet shape and the absence of a sightline, aligning with Rahm’s preference for a cleaner look at address.

Your interest in Rahm’s equipment might stem from wanting to understand what helps a world-class golfer excel. Rahm’s putter, fitted with a Microhinge Star insert, offers a specific feel that Rahm values—one that has assisted him in sinking pivotal putts throughout his career. Equipped with this putter, Rahm has had the confidence to switch into other Odyssey models like the 2-Ball Ten, showcasing his adaptability and trust in the brand’s offerings.

Jon Rahm’s Putter Choice and Its Impact on His Performance

When you consider the critical role putters play in golf, your choice reflects your style and needs on the green. Jon Rahm, a top-tier professional golfer, wields the Odyssey White Hot OG Rossie S putter. Designed by Callaway, this putter combines Rahm’s preference for the mid-mallet shape with features that enhance his performance.


  • Brand: Odyssey (Callaway)
  • Model: White Hot OG Rossie S
  • Insert: Microhinge Star

The absence of an alignment line on the Rossie S aligns with Rahm’s preference for a clean look that enhances his comfort and confidence. This detail underscores the nuanced relationship between a golfer’s equipment choices and their performance metrics.

The feel and control that Rahm enjoys with this putter are attributed to the Microhinge Star insert, which offers a responsive feel at impact. Furthermore, Rahm’s putter is customized with a Stroke Lab shaft, balancing weight distribution to improve the consistency of his putting stroke.

Rahm has demonstrated the effectiveness of his putter rigorously at events like the U.S. Open and the Memorial Tournament. The putter’s design aids in high MOI (moment of inertia) and forgiveness, which are crucial for maintaining precision under pressure. His continued success on the PGA Tour is a testament to his putter choice and signifies the importance of personalized golf equipment.

Your quest for precision and consistency on the greens may draw inspiration from Rahm’s selection. Remember the comfort, control, and trust you require to mirror the success experienced by professional golfers like Jon Rahm.

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