What Putter Does Collin Morikawa Use?

Collin Morikawa is meticulous about the equipment he uses, especially his putter. Throughout his career, Morikawa has experimented with various putters to enhance his performance on the greens.

Today, Collin Morikawa uses a TaylorMade TP Juno putter, contributing to several of his significant accomplishments on the course. This putter stands out for its classic design and clean lines, offering reliability and a soft feel that suits Morikawa’s putting stroke. The TP Juno model has found favor among many professionals due to its consistency and performance.

The choice of a putter is personal and can significantly influence a golfer’s success. As you explore the equipment that helps golfers like Morikawa secure their victories, you gain insight into the level of detail and personalization of selecting the perfect putter. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the sport, understanding the putter’s role can help in appreciating the intricate skills showcased in professional golf.

Collin Morikawa’s Putter Choice

Collin Morikawa, notable for his precision on the green, has been associated with the TaylorMade TP Soto putter. This instrument has significantly contributed to his impressive performances on the PGA Tour.

The Significance of the Taylormade TP Soto

The TaylorMade TP Soto is a classic blade putter that has served as a reliable tool for Morikawa. Its design is tailored for players who appreciate a traditional look and feel during their putt. The TP Soto model is renowned for its clean lines and superb balance, which complement Morikawa’s putting stroke. Notably, Morikawa’s reliance on the TP Soto culminated in a major triumph at the 2021 Open Championship, cementing the putter’s status in his arsenal.

Performance and Achievements

Since integrating the TaylorMade TP Soto into his gameplay, Morikawa’s performance on the greens has been formidable. His achievements include leading the Memorial Tournament and captivating spectators with standout rounds that have set him apart on the leaderboard. Golf.com has reported on Morikawa’s specific choices in an evolving relationship with his equipment, including instances where he has switched putters to maintain his competitive edge. However, his consistent return to the TP Soto indicates a strong preference for its proven track record and his confidence in its performance.

Technical Aspects of Morikawa’s Putter

Collin Morikawa’s putter showcases a blend of precise engineering and tailored customization, ensuring performance matches his exceptional skills. Get detailed insights into the components that contribute to its effectiveness on the greens.

Design and Specifications

The putter used by Collin Morikawa is the result of meticulous design and exact specifications to optimize his putting performance. Design-wise, his putter is often a blade model, preferred for its clean lines and conventional profile that many players favor for its simplicity and time-tested performance. In terms of feel, blade putters like Morikawa’s typically offer a soft yet responsive touch, critical for a professional golfer’s short game.

  • Material: Often constructed from high-quality metals for durability and a solid feel.
  • Sightline: Integrated to provide enhanced alignment aid, often consisting of a simple line or dot on the crown.

Customizations and Adjustments

Collin Morikawa’s putter has been customized with several adjustments tailored to his preferences and playing style. His putting coach’s input has been instrumental in these modifications, contributing to the stability and aim that Morikawa requires.

  • Shaft: Fitted with options like the True Temper Dynamic Gold for consistency.
  • Grip: Equipped with SuperStroke grips that provide a non-slip surface to enhance the hand connection.
  • Inserts: May include grooved face inserts for improved roll qualities.
  • Weights: Customized sole weights to achieve the perfect balance.

The relevant customizations ensure that Morikawa’s unique needs in terms of grip, balance, and overall feel are met, allowing him to maintain a steady lead with confidence on the putting green.

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