What Putter Does Brian Harman Use?

Brian Harman, a two-time PGA Tour winner, uses a TaylorMade Spider OS CB putter, a choice that might seem unorthodox compared to his peers. This putter is distinguished by its oversized head design, which provides a higher moment of inertia and enhances forgiveness on off-center strikes. The design choice is engineered to support consistent performance, a quality that Harman values in his equipment.

The details of Harman’s putter setup are quite specific. He opts for a traditional length of 34 inches, but the loft sets his putter apart. While most putters feature a 3° to 4° loft, Harman’s putter is fine-tuned to a loft 2°. This adjustment suits his putting stroke and is generally favorable for playing on shorter grass, where a lower loft can result in a smoother, more immediate roll.

Brian Harman’s Putter Choice

Your search for the precise putter Brian Harman uses on the greens ends with one particular model known for its consistency and technology.

TaylorMade Spider OS CB Putter

Brian Harman’s preferred putter is the TaylorMade Spider OS CB. This model, part of the TaylorMade Spider family, is noted for its oversized design that offers a high level of forgiveness and stability.

Design and Technology

The TaylorMade Spider OS CB boasts significant tungsten weighting strategically placed to enhance the Moment of Inertia (MOI). High MOI helps stabilize the putter face upon impact, especially on off-center hits. Technological aspects of this putter include an alignment aid to support accurate putts, which plays into one of the critical aspects of putting: trust in your equipment for alignment.

Harman’s Performance with the Putter

Brian Harman has shown a remarkable performance with the putter, reflected in his Strokes Gained: Putting statistics. While the exact figures may vary season by season, his consistent use of the TaylorMade Spider OS CB signifies high trust and comfort with this putter in various putting scenarios.

The Role of Equipment in Brian Harman’s Game

When you examine the impact of equipment on Brian Harman’s performance, you quickly realize the precision and care that goes into selecting each club.

Beyond the Putter: A Look at Harman’s Bag

While your attention is drawn to Brian Harman’s choice of putter, a TaylorMade Spider OS CB, his entire bag is instrumental to his game. Harman’s driver selection showcases a Titleist TSi2, known for its exceptional stability and speed. His iron play relies on Titleist 620 CB irons, designed for consistency and control, a critical factor in navigating tough course conditions. The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball rounds out his selection, favored for its consistent flight and spin characteristics.

Equipment Adaptations for Tour Success

Success on the PGA Tour demands equipment that can withstand the pressure and deliver under the most challenging conditions. Harman’s equipment, particularly his putter, has seen him through numerous tours and even a significant PGA Tour win. Your knowledge of this speaks to the adaptability of his equipment, especially the fine-tuning of his putter’s loft to 2°, which defies the typical 3° or 4° found in standard putters, ensuring better roll and feel on greens.

Key Golf Equipment Partnerships

Building a relationship with your equipment brands is critical as a professional golfer. Harman’s near-full bag of Titleist clubs highlights a key partnership that supports his quest for a Major title. While his putter is a notable exception, Harman’s loyalty to an older TaylorMade putter showcases the importance of comfort and familiarity, proving that the latest model is not always your pathway to success.

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