Sack Parente Golf Series 02 DRAC Mallet Putter Review

When you first lay your eyes on the Sacks Parente Series 02 DRAC Mallet Putter, its distinctive fang-style head design commands attention. Unlike many putters which offer subtle iterations on classic designs, the DRAC boasts a unique character. Its extended flange sets it apart, stretching a full inch past the body of the putter. This design isn’t just for show, it plays a key role in the putter’s performance, offering enhanced stability during your putting stroke.

Milled in the United States from a blend of 6000-series aluminum alloy, this putter fuses lightweight construction with robust manufacturing. The face of the putter is also precision milled, contributing to consistent ball roll and improved feedback on every putt. Sacks Parente has integrated their Ultra Low Balance Point (ULBP) technology into the DRAC, designed to create a natural, smooth swing and provide an exceptional feel.

As you evaluate the DRAC, consider how the stability and construction align with your putting style and preferences. The weight distribution and materials used in the Sacks Parente Series 02 DRAC are crafted to improve performance on the greens, and could very well be the update your golf game needs.

Design and Technology

In the Sacks Parente Golf Series 02 DRAC Mallet Putter, precision engineering meets innovative technology to enhance your golf game.

Advanced Engineering of the DRAC Mallet Putter

The Sacks Parente Golf Series 02 DRAC Mallet Putter is not your typical mallet putter. Its engineers have integrated advanced technology to improve putting performance significantly. At the heart of this putter is the ultra low balance point (ULBP) technology, which is patented by Sacks Parente. This technology strategically relocates the balance point to just below the hands, creating a unique and stable putting experience.

The DRAC Mallet Putter features a distinctive fang head shape, which not only contributes to its aesthetic appeal but also to its functional performance. The tungsten weighting positioned at strategic points ensures a weight-forward center of gravity. This configuration assists in a smoother and more controlled putting stroke.

In the construction of the putter, a high-quality 6000-series aluminum alloy blend is milled to precision. The milled face incorporates an aluminum-milled pattern design, optimizing surface contact with the golf ball. The mill marks are a subtle nod to the meticulous craftsmanship of the putter, and the design has a playful nod to a vampire theme with the namesake implying a ‘bite’ on the greens.

The lightweight graphite shaft is another standout feature, contributing to the putter’s ultra low balance point while enhancing overall feel and response. Unlike many traditional putters, the Series 02 utilizes a weight distribution technology that supports a consistent swing path and helps in rolling the ball true to your aim.

In summary, the design and technology of the Sacks Parente Golf Series 02 DRAC Mallet Putter converge to give you a putter that promises a superior balance, unprecedented control, and the potential for improved accuracy on the greens. The precision milled putter with its unique weighting system could be the key to lowering your scores through better putting.

Performance and Experience

When selecting a putter, understanding how it performs on the green and the experience it delivers is crucial. Key aspects such as feel, alignment, and stability play a significant role in enhancing your confidence and consistency with each stroke.

On-Course Functionality and Feedback

Feel: The Series 02 DRAC Mallet Putter from Sacks Parente Golf exhibits a distinct feel thanks to its advanced construction. Its ultralight graphite shaft, paired with a reduced weight grip, cultivates a pendulum motion that enhances the putter’s feel. Golfers often notice a direct connection between their stroke and the feedback received.

  • Grip: A thoughtfully designed grip contributes to the overall balance and assists in maintaining a light hold, offering more control during the stroke.
  • Balance: The balance of the DRAC putter is engineered to enhance MOI (Moment of Inertia), providing greater forgiveness on off-center hits.

Weight and Stability: The innovative weight forward design assists in creating a stable yet powerful stroke. The head’s weight bolsters stability, while the lightweight shaft and grip reduce the swing weight, preventing unintentional wrist action and promoting a consistent roll.

  • Alignment: The pattern design and alignment dot on the putter head aid in promoting precision, ensuring you’re lined up correctly to your target.
  • Sound: On impact, the putter’s sound is crisp, contributing to the feedback necessary for assessing the quality of contact.

Consistency: Perimeter weighting and the precise center of gravity design allow for a high level of consistency, especially on mishits, by minimizing sidespin and providing a more consistent roll.

Note: Remember that the right putter can transform your game by improving your control and consistency on the greens. The Sacks Parente Series 02 DRAC Mallet Putter, with its meticulously crafted features, aims to offer just that, enhancing your feel and feedback with every putt you make.