Ping Sigma G Anser Putter Review

When assessing the myriad of options available in the golf putter market, the Ping Sigma G Anser stands out for its design and performance. The Anser model, a part of Ping’s Sigma G range, has been crafted with the intent to offer exceptional feel and balance. Its aluminum face insert is combined with a new patterned design, contributing towards a more consistent roll and enhanced feedback. This putter could be particularly noticeable for its ability to help you maintain a square clubface, especially within 10 feet of the hole, fostering confidence in your putting game.

The Sigma G line, which includes the Anser among its 16 models, provides a variety of head shapes to cater to personal preference and stroke type. This variety ensures that whether you prefer a blade or mallet-style putter, there is likely a Sigma G model to fit your eye. Attention to detail in the insert’s design aims to reduce the frequency of three-putt greens, an aspect that might just be the key to improving your performance on the greens. The combination of performance, quality, and options within the Sigma G range signifies Ping’s commitment to addressing the needs of diverse golfers.

Design and Technology

Delving into the Ping Sigma G Anser putter, you will encounter a blend of cutting-edge innovations and classic design features that elevate your putting game.

Sigma G Innovations

The Sigma G series introduces a Pebax elastomer insert, a key technological advancement that ensures a soft feel while maintaining ball speed. This True Roll Face Technology involves a pattern of deeper grooves on the aluminium face to enhance consistency and forgiveness across the putter face.

Anser Models Specifics

Among the 16 models of Sigma G putters, the Anser and Anser 2 are distinguished by their well-balanced heel-toe design. These models boast a classic shape with a black nickel finish, providing a premium look and confidence-inspiring setup.

Customization and Aesthetics

Your Sigma G putter can be customized with an adjustable length shaft for a small upcharge, and you have the option to select from different weights to achieve the ideal balance for your stroke. The aesthetics of these putters are completed with a sleek black nickel or platinum finish.

Sound and Feel

The unique combination of a Pebax elastomer insert and True Roll Face Technology creates a sound that is distinct—a “tock” that translates to a feedback-rich “soft feel”. This harmony offers an auditory cue that complements the tactile feedback for a more consistent touch.

Performance Enhancing Features

Sigma G putters are imbued with performance enhancing features like the variable depth face pattern, which ensures performance through consistency, whether you hit the center or mishit the putt. This results in reduced distance loss and more accurate putts.

Advanced Alignment Aids

Several Sigma G models incorporate advanced alignment aids to streamline focusing your aim. Features such as the contrasting face tones and head shapes, including the popular Kushin and Darby, assist you in aligning the putter effectively, boosting your confidence on the green.

Weight Distribution and Balance

The strategic placement of weights in the Sigma G putter heads contributes to optimal balance and stability of the stroke. Such design choices encourage forgiveness and support a smooth, pendulum-like swing. The counterbalance technology in certain models further amplifies this effect, improving the overall feel and performance.

Usage and Experience

When choosing a putter like the Ping Sigma G Anser, you’re tapping into a combination of innovative technology and positive golfer experiences. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its on-course functionality, reviews, insights from various golfers, and the technology behind its performance.

On-Course Functionality

The Ping Sigma G putter is designed for both smoothness and stability during your stroke. It boasts a high MOI (Moment of Inertia), contributing to less twisting on off-center hits and more consistent ball speeds across the face. Specifically, the True Roll Face Technology helps in promoting consistent ball speeds for more predictable rolls.

Player Feedback and Reviews

According to Golf Monthly, many users experience a noticeable reduction in three-putts with the Sigma G putter. Players often highlight the balanced feel of the Anser, particularly appreciating its performance within 10 feet of the hole. The consensus from various reviews is that the comfortable Ping grip and the putter’s overall design aids in better alignment at address.

Professional and Amateur Golfer Insights

Professional, amateur, and even beginner golfers alike find value in Sigma G Anser’s combination of feel and technological benefits. While casual players appreciate its forgiving nature, several tour professionals also leverage the technological benefits, such as the True Roll Face Technology and high MOI, for improved accuracy and consistency.

Technology Interface

The Sigma G features an aerospace-grade aluminum face insert with a pattern that optimizes ball speed control. The distinctive insert, coupled with the soft Pebax elastomer layer behind it, offers a responsive feel noted in reviews. These materials are carefully selected to enhance feedback while maintaining high performance. Additionally, the iPing app can be used to find the Sigma G Anser model that fits your stroke type, integrating modern technology into your equipment choice process.

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