Ping PLD Prime Tyne 4 Putter Review

The PING PLD Prime Tyne 4 putter is a statement piece that captures attention both for its stealthy design and limited production run, sharpening the intrigue among golf enthusiasts. This model is more than just a collector’s item; it’s tailored for serious golfers seeking precision on the greens. Built upon the success of the Sigma 2 Tyne 4, the PLD version elevates the experience with machine milled craftsmanship and a finish that exudes a quiet confidence.

With a compact form factor, the PLD Prime Tyne 4 is engineered to offer exceptional feel and stability, characteristics favored by Tour professionals like Viktor Hovland, Tony Finau, and Bubba Watson. The incorporation of forged 303 stainless steel not only contributes to the design’s premium touch but also ensures consistent performance across varied putting conditions. Your understanding of this putter’s capabilities will be grounded in the aspects that make it stand out: elite-level manufacturing and a playability that appeals to discerning golfers.

Unveiling this club, PING has maintained its reputation for creating equipment that blends technology with practicality. The Prime Tyne 4, with its limited-edition allure, still delivers the reliability and quality that seasoned players expect from a PING putter, all while making a confident statement in your golf bag. Whether you’re drawn in by its exclusive nature or the promise of a Tour-grade putting experience, this putter is designed to meet your high standards on the green.

Design and Technology

The Ping PLD Prime Tyne 4 putter showcases a fusion of innovative design with cutting-edge technology. Your experience on the green will be shaped by meticulous engineering, premium materials, and advanced features focused on precision and feel.

Innovation Behind the Prime Tyne 4

The Prime Tyne 4 includes an Aggressive Milling Pattern (AMP), which was developed with input from professional golfers. This pattern is engineered to deliver the sound and feel you require for consistent performance. The PLD program applies these tour-proven innovations, providing you with a putter capable of executing with precision.

Material and Construction

Your Prime Tyne 4 putter is crafted from forged 303 stainless steel, recognized for its durability and soft touch. The entire head of the putter is machine milled, which ensures that every aspect of the putter is sculpted to the highest level of accuracy. This results in a quality of construction that can elevate your play.

Alignment and Aiming Features

Alignment is critical, and the PLD Prime Tyne 4 accommodates this with a clear alignment line. The design promotes unequivocal sightlines to bolster your confidence in shot accuracy. An aluminum insert may be included to enhance the feedback on each stroke, allowing for better control over your putts.

Performance and Playability

When you take the Ping PLD Prime Tyne 4 putter to the course, you’ll find your putting game elevated by its notable feel and consistent performance. The design of this putter aims to support a slight arc putting stroke, enhancing your control.

On-Course Experience

Holding the Prime Tyne 4, you’ll immediately notice the crafted balance and weight which translate into a dependable putting experience. The putter’s perimeter weighting plays a significant role in offering you a stable and even swing. As a result, your on-course confidence may improve, understanding that this putter is built to support your natural stroke tendencies.

Stroke Consistency

Designed to aid players with a slight arc in their swing, the Prime Tyne 4 showcases consistency in your stroke. It strives to deliver a reliable roll with every putt, supported by precisely milled surfaces. This consistent roll is instrumental in reducing the variability in your putts across various green conditions.

Forgiveness and Feedback

One of the distinguishable features of the Prime Tyne 4 is its forgiveness, thanks to the substantial perimeter weighting. Mishits feel less punishing, and the feedback you receive is straightforward – not harsh. You’ll be able to gauge the quality of your contact with the ball, allowing for quick adjustments. The putter’s feel is also designed to be responsive without being overly soft, providing you with a clear sense of the ball strike and distance control.

Comparison and Professional Use

In evaluating the Ping PLD Prime Tyne 4 putter, your attention to its performance in comparison to other models and its validation by professional use is critical for an informed perspective.

Ping PLD Prime Tyne 4 vs. Other Models

The Ping PLD Prime Tyne 4 distinguishes itself from other models like the Anser, Anser 2, and DS72 with its compact design and limited production run. Compared to the Anser models, which are blade putters with a traditional look and feel, the Prime Tyne 4 is a mallet-style putter designed for stability and forgiveness. The Anser 2 shares similarities with the original Anser but with slight modifications to the heel and toe for players with a slight arc in their stroke. As for the DS72, it is crafted for a straight stroke with a design that promotes consistent aiming.

  • Material: All PLD milled putters, including the Prime Tyne 4, are meticulously crafted from forged 303 stainless steel for precision and performance.
  • Design: The Prime Tyne 4 stands out with a unique design that features a more compact head and tailored weighting for specific stroke types.
  • Feel: While models such as the Anser 2 have a firmer feel suitable for players with a strong arc, the Prime Tyne 4 emphasizes stability and a softer impact for higher MOI and forgiveness.

Tour Player Endorsements

Tour professionals, including Viktor Hovland, Tony Finau, Cameron Champ, Billy Horschel, Joaquin Niemann, and Louis Oosthuizen, have all put their trust in Ping PLD milled putters, underscoring their performance at the highest levels of golf. For instance:

  • Tony Finau is known for his distance off the tee, but it’s his putting with the PLD range that completes his game.
  • Viktor Hovland has made significant strides in his short game, with the Prime Tyne 4 contributing to precision and consistency on the greens.

By aligning with PGA Tour players, Ping showcases the tour-proven pedigree of their PLD line, reinforcing your confidence in these putters.

Buying Guide

When looking into the Ping PLD Prime Tyne 4 putter, consider the aspects that will directly affect your purchase decision including selection criteria, price and availability, and the custom fitting process.

Price and Availability

The Prime Tyne 4 falls within the premium segment, so prepare your budget accordingly. Prices may vary among retailers, but the suggested Retail Market price can serve as a benchmark for comparison.

  • Retail Price Range: Expect to invest in a higher price bracket for this putter.
  • Availability: Supplies may be limited due to the PLD limited production runs.

Custom Fitting Process

To ensure the putter compliments your technique, engage with a professional fitter for a PLD custom experience. Fitting may include:

  • Length: Proper putter length is crucial for a comfortable stance and consistent stroke.
  • Lie Angle: Correct lie angle aids in accurate ball striking.
  • Grip Size: The grip should facilitate a natural and tension-free hold.

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