Ping PLD Milled Anser Putter Review

The Ping PLD Milled Anser Putter emerges as a distinguished choice for golfers prioritizing precision and style in their game. This putter, originating from a brand renowned for innovation in golf equipment, reflects a legacy of design finesse blended with modern technology. If you’re considering refining your putting game, understanding the features of the Ping PLD Milled Anser Putter is essential.

Its matte black finish and distraction-free address position speak to its clean design, which is more than just visually appealing—it’s engineered for function. With dimensions and weight crafted to support a slight arc putting stroke, you’re equipped with a tool that aids alignment and fosters consistency. The iconic Anser model carries historical significance, and its continued evolution showcases Ping’s commitment to advancing golf equipment while honoring its roots.

The putter’s balance of classic aesthetics and contemporary performance suits a broad range of preferences, ensuring it’s not just a piece of equipment but a seamless extension of your technique. Whether you’re an experienced golfer or working to lower your handicap, the Ping PLD Milled Anser could be a game-changing addition to your golf bag.

Design and Technology

In this section, you’ll explore the advanced design and technology that Ping has embedded in their PLD Milled Anser Putter line. You’ll get to understand what makes these putters unique, from the high-quality materials used to the precision milling techniques that enhance their performance.

Materials and Construction

The Ping PLD Milled Putters are constructed from forged 303 stainless steel, a material known for its soft yet durable quality. This choice of steel ensures a solid feel upon impact and consistent performance. The Anser 2, Anser D, Oslo 3, Tyne 4, and the Ally Blue 4 models are all crafted from this premium metal, providing you with exceptional sound and feedback.

Innovations in Milling

With a focus on precision, Ping PLD putters come with a finely milled face to enhance feel and response. The Aggressive Milling Pattern (AMP) introduced in these putters optimizes ball speed and control, ensuring your putts are consistent regardless of where on the face you strike the ball. This specialized milling pattern is a testament to Ping’s commitment to innovation, providing you with a putter that performs at the highest level.

Customization Options

Your PLD Custom experience allows for a wide array of personalization options. With PLD Limited, you can choose from finishes like matte black and gunmetal, which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also minimize glare. The iconic Ping logo is tastefully presented, enhancing the visual appeal without being intrusive. Furthermore, customization extends to choosing the right model for your stroke style, ensuring the Anser 2, Anser D, Oslo 3, or Tyne 4 matches your play on the greens.

Performance and Feel

The PING PLD Milled Anser putter is designed for a premium feel with an emphasis on sound, precision, and alignment. As you explore its features, you’ll notice the meticulous craftsmanship that contributes to its performance.

Sound and Feedback

Your experience with the Anser putter is enhanced by the crisp sound at impact, assuring a pure connection with the ball. The feedback from each putt is immediate and informative, enabling you to adjust your stroke with precision. The sound serves as a testament to the putter’s quality construction—where every detail down to the acoustics is carefully considered.

Precision and Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a crucial feature, and you’ll find the Anser model, including the PLD Anser 2, exhibits an impressive MOI (Moment of Inertia) thanks to the strategic perimeter weighting. This increased MOI aids in maintaining speed and consistency, even on off-center hits. When using blade or mallet putters, the balance of precision and forgiveness can be the difference maker—this is where the Anser excels.

  • Blade Putters: Known for precise shots; suits a confident stroke.
  • Mallets & Mid-Mallets: Larger heads offer more forgiveness.

Alignment and Balance

Alignment is straightforward with the Anser putter. Your putts are guided by well-integrated alignment aids, including an alignment line that stands out crisply against the finish. The center of gravity is positioned to encourage a true roll, and the toe hang on the Anser works with your natural stroke to promote balance. The head weight feels substantial, contributing to a steady swing path without compromising the ease of control.

  • Alignment Aids: Enhance your aiming with visual guides like lines.
  • Toe Hang: Determines suitability with your stroke arc.

By considering these factors, you can understand how the PLD Anser putter aims to improve your green performance, making every stroke an exercise in controlled precision and feedback.

Player Experience

When you’re selecting a putter like the PING PLD Milled Anser, the experience of those who’ve already used it can be instrumental. This section draws on the real-world usage by tour players and amateur golfers alike, providing an unbiased view of how the putter performs on the greens.

Tour Player Insights

Viktor Hovland, Tony Finau, Tyrrell Hatton, and Joaquin Niemann have all been associated with the PING PLD Milled Anser putter, signaling its acceptance at the highest levels. These players often seek equipment that can offer a slight arc to their strokes, and the PLD Milled Anser is designed to cater to that. With a head that promotes high-MOI (Moment of Inertia) and a mallet shape in some of its variants like the DS72, it offers stability through the stroke.

  • Length: Standard options meet tour preferences.
  • Lie & Loft: Tuned for precision and responsiveness.
  • Hosel: Configurations like the Anser’s are trusted by the pros.

Amateur Golfer Feedback

Your feedback as an amateur golfer might emphasize the consistent performance of the putter. The milled face contributes to a soft, responsive feel upon impact, which might remind you of insights from well-recognized golf equipment writer, James Hogg. Watching his YouTube channel could offer tips to enhance your playing experience with this putter.

  • Forgiveness: Aided by design, can improve your confidence.
  • Weight & Feel: Engineered to help with control and distance measurements.

Whether you are a fan of a traditional Anser hosel or lean towards the modern mallet shape like the DS72, the PING PLD line strives to improve your putting stroke.

Purchasing and Ownership

When considering a PING PLD Milled Anser putter, you’re not just buying a club; you’re making an investment in a putter renowned for precision and long-term value. Here’s what you need to know about the price, availability, and upkeep of these putters.

Price and Value for Money

The PING PLD Milled Anser putter comes with a premium price tag of approximately $370 and more. This may seem steep, but it reflects the quality, craftsmanship, and the advanced technology that the PLD Milled range embodies. When assessing its value for money, consider that the PLD putters are designed to offer tour-level performance, which can be a worthwhile investment for serious golfers looking to elevate their game on the greens.

Maintenance and Durability

To maintain the look and performance of your PING PLD Milled Anser putter, regular care is key. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the putter’s surfaces after each use. Avoid extreme temperatures and moisture, as they can affect the putter’s finish over time. The durability of PING PLD putters is notable, and with appropriate maintenance, they should last many rounds without compromising on performance or aesthetics.

By following these guidelines, your investment in a PING PLD Milled Anser putter should serve you well, providing both performance on the course and lasting value over time.

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