Phil Mickelson WITB 2024

When exploring the gear of professional golfers, you may find yourself curious about the choices of seasoned players like Phil Mickelson. Known for his strategic gameplay and precision, Mickelson’s equipment selection is a critical part of his success on the course. The term ‘What’s In The Bag’ (WITB) provides an in-depth look at the specific clubs and golf gear that a player, like Mickelson, carries during tournaments. Analyzing his WITB can offer insights into the preferences and tendencies of one of the sport’s most iconic figures.

As a player who has left a significant mark in the world of golf, Mickelson’s choice in clubs and equipment is often the subject of discussion and analysis. His bag typically features a mix of drivers, irons, wedges, and a putter, each selected to match his play style and the demands of the course. Beyond the technical specs, understanding the nuances of his equipment choices can give you a glimpse into the blend of technology and personal preference that crafts a professional’s arsenal.

Phil Mickelson’s Club Selection

Phil Mickelson, an American major champion, has a distinctive selection of clubs that aligns with his meticulous approach to the game. Here’s the detailed breakdown of his club choices by category.

Drivers and Woods

  • Driver: You’ll typically find Phil wielding a Callaway Rogue ST Max LS with a 7.5° loft. The strength of this driver lies in its capability to deliver a strong, penetrating ball flight.
  • 3-Wood: For fairway woods, the Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond at 13.5° complements his driver by offering tight dispersion and consistent playability off the tee and deck.

Irons and Wedges

  • Irons: Phil’s choice ranges from Callaway X21 UT Proto to the classic Callaway Apex MB blades, a testament to his preference for precision and control.
  • Wedges: A notable inclusion in his bag are the Callaway Jaws Raw wedges and a vintage Ping Eye2 XG, engineered for exceptional spin control around the greens.

Hybrids and Utilities

  • Hybrids: Although not often, you might see Mickelson opt for a Ping Anser Hybrid or Callaway Apex UW, both known for their versatile performance from various lies.
  • Utilities: The Callaway X21 UT Proto utility iron often finds a place in his arsenal, designed for its long iron replacement capability and a reliable alternative for tee shots on tighter holes.

Putters and Golf Balls

  • Putter: The Odyssey’s “Phil Mickelson” prototype, a milled blade design, is his trusted choice for putting with its superb feel and feedback.
  • Golf Balls: Dependability on the greens is achieved with the Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track, favoring its enhanced alignment aid and soft feel.

Shafts and Grips

  • Shafts: In his woods, Mickelson uses a Fujikura Ventus Black 6 X shaft. His iron play is complimented with KBS Tour-V 125 shafts for their stability and control.
  • Grips: His grips of choice are Golf Pride MCC that furnish the necessary all-weather performance coupled with a reliable feel.

Phil Mickelson’s Equipment Strategy

When crafting your golf strategy, it’s vital to consider the approach of professionals like Phil Mickelson. His equipment strategy hinges on performance, personalization, and leveraging tour insights to fit his renowned left-handed swing.

Performance and Customization

Phil Mickelson’s driver selection is tailored to maximize ball speed and control. The Callaway Rogue ST Max LS with a loft of 7.5°, equipped with a Fujikura Ventus Red 6 X shaft, is built to complement his swing speed while ensuring precision. The club’s engineering focuses on delivering epic speed, and the Triple Diamond design caters to a more compact shape preferred by tour players, reflecting an in-depth review of Mickelson’s performance needs.

Additionally, the customization extends beyond drivers. Depending on the course, Mickelson might alternate clubs to optimize play conditions. This underscores his strategy of adapting his bag for not just comfort but also tactical advantage.

Tour Insights and Preferences

Transitioning from the PGA Tour to the LIV Tour, Mickelson retains insights from his experience and preferences honed over years with a trusted caddie by his side. While no longer partnered with Callaway, his equipment choices still reflect a sharp focus on gaining a competitive edge.

In events, Mickelson’s club preferences, such as opting for a mini driver at times, illustrate his pursuit of an ideal balance between distance and control. Recognizing the critical role of a caddie, his selection is a collaborative effort to ensure each club serves a specific purpose under varying tournament conditions.

By integrating tour-level feedback and personal play style, your equipment strategy can significantly influence your game, much like Mickelson’s has shaped his success.

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