Odyssey Ai-ONE Cruiser Putters Review: Unbiased Insights

In the dynamic world of golf equipment, the introduction of the Odyssey Ai-ONE Cruiser putters has garnered significant attention. As you look into the latest advancements in golf technology, Odyssey’s Ai-ONE series stands out with its AI-enhanced design. This putter line offers a significant upgrade from traditional models through its forward-thinking use of artificial intelligence in the crafting of the face insert, aimed at providing a more consistent roll and improved speed control.

You will notice that the detail in the construction of the Ai-ONE Cruiser putters reflects a dedication to performance. With features such as counterbalanced weighting, these putters aim at enhancing stability throughout your stroke. The availability of different head weights and lengths, including the overlength 38-inch models, ensures that there is an Ai-ONE putter to suit your playing style. The inclusion of a 17-inch grip on select models speaks to the adaptability that Odyssey has strived for, allowing you to grip down for more precision.

The pricing for the Odyssey Ai-ONE series is set in a premium range, signaling the company’s confidence in the advanced technology and quality materials used. The differentiated price points between the standard Ai-ONE and the Ai-ONE Milled versions accommodate various budgets while staying committed to innovation and performance. As you delve into this review, keep in mind your unique preferences and playing style to evaluate how the Odyssey Ai-ONE Cruiser could impact your game.

Design and Technology

When you’re considering the Odyssey Ai-ONE Cruiser putters, you’re encountering a blend of precision engineering driven by advancements in artificial intelligence with high-quality materials and construction designed to elevate your game.

AI-Designed Features

Odyssey’s implementation of AI has resulted in a pioneering face insert, making the most of an aluminum backer coupled with a White Hot urethane layer. The intricate design created through artificial intelligence promotes uniform ball speed across the entire face, a design that has reportedly brought the ball 21% closer to the hole than traditional milled faces.

  • AI-ONE #7: Features a head weight of 380 grams and is crafted with a 17-inch grip allowing you to choke down for enhanced control.
  • AI-ONE Double Wide: Offers a wider head, aiming to provide stability throughout the stroke.

Materials and Construction

In the materials department, the Odyssey Ai-ONE range exhibits a remarkable attention to detail:

  • Insert Material: Aluminum and urethane are fused in a novel AI-designed insert, which is the centerpiece of the club’s consistent performance.
  • Titanium and aluminum are used in various components to strike a balance between durability and a comfortable weight.

The putters highlight the use of Panlite in constructing the AI Window. This innovative feature not only gives you a peek into the putter’s architecture, showcasing the intricate technology involved, but it also contributes to a design that marries classic aesthetics with modern functionality.

Performance Metrics

When evaluating the Odyssey Ai-ONE Cruiser putters, your focus will be on how the putter performs in terms of feel, ball control, and forgiveness. These metrics are crucial for enhancing your confidence on the green.

Feel and Stroke Consistency

Feel: The Odyssey Ai-ONE Cruiser putters are designed with a unique automotive-grade polymer window on the face, affecting the tactile response upon impact. The feel is firm yet responsive, allowing you to gauge the putt’s power and contact quality effectively.

Stroke Consistency: Utilizing lightweight Stroke Lab shafts, these putters offer improved weight distribution. This contributes to a smoother and more consistent swing path, thereby promoting consistent ball speed and roll with each stroke.

Distance and Speed Control

Distance Control: Tailoring your putter’s head weight is possible through interchangeable sole weights, which adjust the head weight by 5g, 10g, 15g, or 20g increments. This customization supports your ability to control the distance of your putts with precision.

Speed Control: The face of the Ai-ONE Cruiser is designed to aid in maintaining a consistent ball speed, even during off-center hits. By managing speed effectively, you enhance your putting success rate, particularly over varied distances.

Forgiveness on Mishits

Stability: Odyssey Ai-ONE Cruiser putters are engineered for heightened stability. This design element aids in preserving ball speed and accuracy on mishits, ensuring that your putts remain on the intended line even when the contact isn’t perfect.

Forgiveness: The strategic weight distribution and the technology-infused face insert collectively contribute to a higher moment of inertia (MOI). As a consequence, you’ll find increased forgiveness on mishits, helping to minimize the distance and accuracy lost on off-center strikes.

Model Variations

Odyssey’s Ai-ONE Cruiser putter range offers customization through various head shapes and shaft/weight configurations to suit your putting style.

Different Head Shapes

The Ai-ONE Cruiser line-up includes several head shapes to cater to diverse putting preferences and strokes. Notable options among these are the Ai-One #7, featuring a semi-mallet design, and the Ai-One Double Wide, which provides a broader profile for enhanced stability. The Jailbird and Rossie S designs also form part of this varied collection, each bringing a distinct visual alignment and balance to the course.

Shaft and Weight Options

Your putter’s performance is highly impacted by shaft length and head weight. Odyssey understands this and offers the Ai-ONE Cruiser models with a standard 38-inch shaft, which you can be paired with a 17-inch grip—ideal if you prefer to choke down on your putter for better control. For head weight optimization, the putter comes with removable weights in 5, 10, 15, and 20-gram increments, allowing you to fine-tune the putter to your preferred feel. This level of customization in both shaft and weight reinforces Odyssey’s commitment to fitting a wide range of golfers.

Pricing and Options

When you consider adding an Odyssey Ai-ONE Cruiser putter to your golfing repertoire, it’s crucial to understand the pricing and available options. The market offers a variety of models within the Ai-ONE series, each designed to cater to different playing styles.


  • Ai-One #7: This model boasts a head weight of 380 grams and a length of 38 inches, providing a substantial feel for precision strokes. It features a 17-inch grip, giving you the flexibility to adjust your hold.
  • Ai-One Double Wide: Known for its wider profile, this putter offers enhanced stability.

Pricing: The starting manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the Odyssey Ai-One Cruiser putters is $349.99. This price reflects the integration of high-performance materials and innovative design, including their signature AI faces and counterbalanced weighting.

To further customize your putter, you have options to adjust front sole weights. These adjustments can range from 5g to 20g, allowing you to fine-tune your putter’s head weight to your personal preference.

To summarize your options:

  • Choose between models based on head shape and weight preferences.
  • Expect to invest around $349.99 for the cutting-edge design and personalized weight system.
  • Explore the retail market for special promotions or potential discounts post-launch.

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