Max Homa WITB 2024

Max Homa, an influential figure on the PGA Tour, consistently showcases his skill on the golf course with remarkable performances. Having secured multiple Tour victories, including a prominent win at the 2023 Farmers Insurance Open, Homa’s choice of gear is naturally a topic of interest for golf aficionados and aspiring players alike. Exploring the specifics of what’s in Homa’s bag (WITB) provides insights into the tools that contribute to his success and may offer you guidance on what could work for your game.

Understanding the composition of Homa’s bag is invaluable as each club serves a critical purpose in navigating the many challenges a golf course presents. In August 2023, Homa’s winning combination included a full Titleist bag, designated for precision and reliability. The selection ranges from the driver down to the putter, each meticulously chosen to support his dynamic playing style. Observing the composition of his bag offers you a peek into the strategic choices that underpin a professional golfer’s approach to the game.

Max Homa’s Club Selection

Max Homa’s club selection reflects his preference for precision and consistency on the course. As a professional golfer, Homa opts for Titleist equipment, which encompasses his driver, woods, irons, wedges, and golf ball.

Driver and Fairway Woods

Driver: You’ll find Homa equipped with a Titleist TSR3 driver, adjusted to 10 degrees @9.25 with a D1 SureFit setting. This club is typically paired with a Mitsubishi Tensei 1K Black 65 TX shaft, providing both stability and speed.

3-Wood: The Titleist TSR2+, set at 14.5 degrees and an A1 SureFit setting, is the preferred choice for his longer fairway shots. This club is also matched with a Mitsubishi Tensei 1K Red 80 TX shaft for optimal performance.

Irons and Wedges

Homa uses Titleist 620MB irons, a choice indicating his preference for a muscle-back design that allows him greater control over his shot-making.

Wedges: His short game benefits from a mixture of Titleist Vokey Design SM9 and the latest SM10 wedges. These wedges come with KBS $ Taper shafts, which help Max to achieve his desired ball flight and spin.

Putters and Golf Balls

Putter: Your putting game could be inspired by Homa’s choice, the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 Prototype putter. This club helps in delivering precise alignment and exceptional performance on the greens.

Golf Balls: To round out his gear, the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is Homa’s selection. Renowned for its consistent flight, this ball offers the control and spin necessary for Homa’s game.

Professional Insight and Apparel

Your understanding of Max Homa’s performance on the PGA Tour and his choice of golf gear and accessories provides a window into the elite level of professional golf. This section will outline Homa’s track record in prestigious tournaments and detail the specific equipment and apparel he trusts for success on the course.

Performance on the PGA Tour

Max Homa has established himself as a prominent figure on the PGA Tour, particularly with his victories at events like the Farmers Insurance Open and the Wells Fargo Championship. His consistency is also evident at the Fortinet Championship and his contributions to team events such as the Ryder Cup. Homa’s selections in gear and apparel are not just about style but also contribute to his performance.

Golf Gear and Accessories

Homa’s equipment reflects his need for precision and reliability. Here’s a brief overview of what’s in his bag:

  • Driver: Titleist TSR3
  • 3-Wood: Titleist TSR2+
  • 5-Wood: Titleist TSR2

Homa prefers the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips, known for their exceptional handling and moisture management, crucial for maintaining control during swings.

When it comes to his clothing choices on the course, you’ll often find Homa sporting the latest FootJoy Premiere Series shoes, well-regarded for their comfort and support. Apart from the shoes, his apparel lineup is designed for performance and style, adhering to the dress code of the PGA Tour while ensuring personal comfort and brand alignment.

  • Shoes: FootJoy Premiere Series
  • Hat and Apparel: FootJoy

Accessories and Gear Review:
Homa’s gear and apparel selections are frequently reviewed by both the golfer and equipment specialists, ensuring that every piece — from shoes to hat — meets the exacting standards of the Tour. His choices reflect a blend of traditional style with modern technology, proving that your gear can possess both class and cutting-edge functionality.

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