LAB Golf DF3 Putter Review

In the ever-evolving world of golf equipment, the putter remains a crucial club in any golfer’s bag. The LAB Golf DF3 putter is the latest iteration from a company known for its innovation in the space. Its predecessors carved out a niche for offering a distinct approach to putter design, primarily focusing on reducing torque and improving alignment to enhance putting performance. The DF3 continues this tradition with its own set of features aimed at helping you achieve a more consistent stroke.

The DF3 model sports a design that may catch your eye with its unique aesthetic. If you’re accustomed to traditional putters, the DF3 might initially seem unconventional. However, LAB Golf prides itself on functionality over form, crafting putters that aim to deliver results on the green. Its price point is reflective of its premium positioning in the market, with stock and custom options available to cater to a variety of preferences. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned pro, the promise of the DF3 is to offer a putter that squares up through impact, a factor that can be essential for making those all-important putts.

The PuttingShark team recommends this putter to beginners.

Design and Technology

When you examine the L.A.B. Golf DF3 putter, you’ll notice that its design and technology are centered around improving your putting through advanced balance mechanics and premium material use.

Innovative Balance and Alignment

The L.A.B. Golf DF3 putter is designed with Lie Angle Balance (LAB) technology, which is a patented feature unique to the brand. This technology ensures that the putter remains square to the path throughout the stroke, providing you with a consistent and accurate alignment. It aims to eliminate torque on off-center impacts, meaning the putter’s face stays true to the intended line, offering you a higher degree of predictability and precision on the greens.

Materials and Construction

Constructed from 6061 aircraft aluminum, the DF3 putter showcases meticulous weight distribution and a solid feel. To enhance this further, internal tungsten weighting is utilized, which assists in maintaining the balance of the putter at the moment of impact. The materials are selected not only for performance but also aesthetic appeal with options like black, red, blue, green, and platinum colors. Additionally, the shape of the DF3 addresses the preferences of various golfers, ensuring a sleek and attractive look without compromising on functionality.

Performance on the Green

When using the L.A.B. Golf DF3 Putter, your primary experience on the green focuses on consistency and control, ensuring your stroke leads to improved accuracy and better forgiveness.

Stroke Improvement and Forgiveness

Your stroke benefits significantly from the DF3’s Lie Angle Balanced technology, which minimizes twisting during your putt. This facilitates a more straightforward path to the ball, enhancing stability and consistency at impact. With this putter, forgiveness is paramount, making it a suitable choice for golfers of any skill level. If your putts often encounter mishits, you’ll appreciate how the DF3 accommodates for slight errors without drastically affecting the ball’s trajectory.

Grip and Stroke Analysis

The grip of the DF3 putter plays a crucial role in your stroke performance. It’s designed to comfortably fit in your hands, providing a tactile feedback that translates to better control of the shaft. Through this control, you’re able to maintain a fluid stroke, with reduced risks of the head twisting. Consequently, the ball rolls off the putter face with precision, largely due to the putter’s optimally balanced grip that aligns perfectly with your intended impact direction.

Customization Options

The LAB Golf DF3 putter elevates your golfing experience by offering an extensive suite of customization options, ensuring that your putter is tailored to your personal preference and playing style.

Personalizing Your Putter

When personalizing your putter, you have a broad spectrum of custom options from lengths to grips, making your putter truly yours. The importance of a putter that feels right in your hands cannot be overstated and LAB Golf recognizes this by offering custom lengths for your putter, ensuring that it complements your stance and stroke.

Shafts and Grips:
Choose from a variety of shafts and grips to match your comfort and swing dynamics. The grip is your sole connection to the club, so getting it right is crucial for a consistent performance.

Lie and Weight:
Fine-tuning the lie angle contributes to the accuracy of your stroke, while custom weights can adjust the feel and balance of the putter according to your preference. These subtle changes can significantly impact your control and consistency on the greens.

Color Options:
With LAB Golf DF3, you can select from numerous color options to add a personal touch. Whether you prefer a classic hue or something that stands out, there is a color that reflects your style.

Alignment Aids:
Choose from 33 different alignment aids available on LAB Golf’s website,, to enhance your aim and confidence every time you size up a putt.

Custom Fitting:
For the ultimate customization, you can submit a video of your putting stroke to LAB Golf, and they will tailor the shaft length and lie angle specifically for you, ensuring that your putter aligns perfectly with your natural putting motion.

Comparison and Player Feedback

When considering the LAB Golf DF3 Putter, both professional feedback and amateur experiences can significantly influence your perspective. You’ll garner insights from high-level tour professionals as well as dedicated amateur golfers, providing a well-rounded view of this club’s performance.

Tour Professionals’ Choice

Several PGA Tour players, including Adam Scott and Lucas Glover, have recognized the LAB Golf DF3 Putter for its innovative design and contribution to a stable putting stroke. For instance, Sam Hahn, a notable golf instructor, has observed the effect of this putter in the professional circuit, particularly praising its consistency. Will Zalatoris and Grayson Murray are additional figures whose experiences can highlight the putter’s benefits and drawbacks:

  • Adam Scott: Praised the putter’s balance.
  • Lucas Glover: Highlighted the exceptional control during the stroke.
  • Will Zalatoris: Commented on the putter’s contribution to his accuracy on greens.
  • Grayson Murray: Noted the putter’s forgiveness on mishits.

Amateur Golfer Reviews

In contrast to professionals, amateur golfers often discuss the putter’s usability and how it adapts to their personal game. Reviews collected from various golf forums suggest that while some amateurs experience a learning curve, they often report an overall improvement in their putting performance after an adjustment period. The key sentiments from amateur golfer reviews indicate:

  • An initial adjustment period to the putter’s unique shape.
  • Improvement in overall putting consistency after acclimatization.
  • The putter’s design assisting in naturally squaring the face at impact.

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