Greenwood Tour Walnut Putter Reviewed

The Greenwood Tour Walnut Putter is a noteworthy addition to the world of golf, bridging traditional craftsmanship with modern playing needs. With a head constructed from natural walnut, this putter is designed to offer a distinctive feel that differs from the more common metal options. The combination of the walnut head and the standard 355-gram weight is engineered to provide a unique balance, promising precision and control on the greens.

As a golfer, you appreciate the importance of feel and its effect on your putting stroke. Greenwood claims that wooden material absorbs impact differently than metal, potentially leading to a smoother transfer of force and improving your distance control. This factor, coupled with a midsize genuine leather grip from The Grip Master, enhances your comfort and confidence while putting.

The Greenwood Tour Walnut Putter also sports a classic aesthetic that appeals to golfers who favor a more traditional look in their clubs. Despite its classic appearance, the putter includes modern design elements such as a brass base plate that add to its overall balance and performance. Whether you prefer a pendulum stroke or have a notable arc to your swing, the putter’s touted strong toe hang suggests a fit for various putting styles.

Design and Craftsmanship of Greenwood Putters

Understanding the unique design and craftsmanship of Greenwood Putters is key to appreciating the value they offer. Using high-quality materials and hand-crafted custom features, these putters stand out in aesthetics and performance.

Materials and Finish

Greenwood Putters are distinguished by their use of fine North American Black Walnut. This choice of wood is not only aesthetically pleasing, with its rich, dark tones, but it also contributes to the putter’s smooth feel and reliable balance. Furthermore, specific lines like the Brown Sugar Walnut putter exhibit a unique finish that enhances both durability and grip.

Besides the standard walnut finish, Greenwood offers a special Shou Sugi Ban finish—an ancient Japanese technique that chars the wood. This gives the wooden putter a distinctive look and naturally protects the wood, reducing the need for synthetic finishes.

Custom Features

Every Greenwood putter is hand-crafted, ensuring that your putter is as unique as your golf game. The putters are tailored to your preferences, from head weight to grip style, providing a personal touch that sets them apart from mass-produced models.

Head WeightCustomizable to enhance balance and feel
GripPremium leather for superior tactile quality

Greenwood’s dedication to craftsmanship is evident in the balance and finish of its putters, which distinguish them as a bespoke addition to any golfer’s bag. The unique properties of wood, combined with these custom features, contribute to a putter that isn’t just a tool but a conversation piece.

Performance and Experience

When considering a new putter, the nuances in its performance and feedback can majorly influence your putting game. The Greenwood Tour Walnut Putter has been crafted to deliver a unique experience on the greens, combining traditional materials with modern engineering.

Feel and Feedback

Your feel of the putter’s impact and the feedback you receive are crucial for refining your putting. The Greenwood Tour Walnut Putter stands out for its soft feel, attributed to the wooden head’s capacity to absorb impact. This feature ensures that the force transfer to the ball is more accurate and controlled, making it forgiving on off-center hits. Unlike metal, wood provides a more muted sensation, giving you a truer sense of the ball’s contact, which can lead to improved feedback while putting.

Weight and Balance

The weight and balance of a putter affect its stability and swing. The standard head weight of 355 grams is designed to give you proper stroke and distance control on faster greens. Coupled with zero loft, this putter aids in making a more technically sound stroke. This design choice helps promote a better forward roll and higher Precision Of Impact—especially vital when accuracy is paramount. Moreover, the inclusion of a brass base plate adds to the putter’s overall stability, enhancing your confidence through the stroke.

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