Cleveland HB SOFT 2 Putter Review

In golf equipment, where innovation often toes the line between gimmickry and game-changing, the Cleveland HB SOFT 2 putter emerges as an intriguing option. Known for its commitment to enhancing the putting experience, Cleveland’s latest iteration in the Huntington Beach SOFT line stands out with its promise of improved feel and performance. As you explore the landscape of modern putters, consider how the precise milling pattern of the SOFT face aligns with each head shape, aiming to offer a more consistent roll and better distance control.

The HB SOFT 2 series garners attention not just for its technology but also for its versatility across various styles, including both blade and mallet options. If you have a slight arc in your putting stroke, the toe hang of the classic-looking models could complement your game well. Reviewers have noted the responsive feel and forgiveness of the putter, with some models even including a feature to retrieve the ball from the hole.

As putters play a pivotal role in scoring on the green, the arrival of the Cleveland HB SOFT 2 series invites scrutiny and evaluation. It is priced accessibly, making it a considerable option whether you’re a seasoned golfer or someone looking to improve your on-green performance without breaking the bank. The range of custom options including custom lengths, loft, and lie adjustments enable a tailored fit for your stroke, an invaluable aspect of any putter you’re considering adding to your bag.

Besides, we can recommend this putter to beginners.

Design and Technology

When choosing the Cleveland HB SOFT 2 putter, you’re selecting a club that showcases advanced engineering in both its design and technology. The putter merges precision milling with innovative soft face technology, aimed at enhancing your feel and performance on the greens.

Soft Face Technology

The Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT) is engineered to produce consistent distance on your putts, regardless of where you strike the ball on the face. This feature is essential for improving your control and achieving a soft, responsive feel at impact, making it easier to judge distances and enhancing your putting accuracy.

Milling and Material

Cleveland implements a precise face milling pattern which contributes to the soft feel and performance of the HB SOFT 2. The material used is carefully selected to provide a balance between a soft feel and necessary feedback. The milling quality is not only functional but also visually aligns with the art of putter design, adding an aesthetic appeal to the putter’s functionality.

Putter Head Shape and Weighting

You have a choice between a blade putter or a mallet putter with the Cleveland HB SOFT 2 series, accommodating your preferred head shape. The blade model features moderate toe hang which suits golfers with a slight arc in their putting stroke. In contrast, the mallet designs are engineered with a high MOI (Moment of Inertia) to enhance forgiveness on mishits, and they often come with alignment aids to help with visualizing putts. Both types consider the center of gravity and the overall weight distribution to provide stability throughout your stroke. Additionally, some models can be custom ordered with a 20-gram counterbalance in the grip, offering a unique advantage in maintaining a fluid motion and steady hands.

Performance Factors

When evaluating the Cleveland HB SOFT 2 Putter, it’s important to consider how it will affect your gameplay. Below, the performance factors such as stroke compatibility, ball speed and distance control, along with forgiveness and feedback are dissected to give you an informative breakdown on its capabilities.

Stroke Compatibility

The HB Soft 2 is engineered to support various stroke types, offering consistent performance for each. If you have a slight arc in your stroke, the moderate toe hang design benefits your playing style. Conversely, for those with a straight-through stroke, its alignment system aids in maintaining a true line to the hole.

Ball Speed and Distance Control

The face of the HB Soft 2 Putter is crafted with precision milling, which optimizes energy transfer for a controlled ball speed. This meticulous face design ensures that you maintain consistent distance across the putting surface, even when heat or adrenaline might affect your touch.

Forgiveness and Feedback

Crafted to forgive on off-center hits, the HB Soft 2 provides stability thanks to its strategically distributed weight. The responsive feel of the face ensures valuable feedback on each putt, so you can adjust your technique as needed. The shape and swing weight of the putter combine to augment these forgiveness factors, giving you confidence in your putting game.

Options and Customization

Cleveland HB SOFT 2 putters offer a range of customization options to fit your personal preferences and improve your game. From grip selection to shaft and hosel variants, you’ll find the choices available cater to both aesthetic appeal and functional performance.

Grip Selection

Your grip is the only point of contact you have with your putter, making it crucial for control and feel. Cleveland provides several grip options, including the pistol grip, which is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and aid in proper wrist alignment. For those who prefer a custom-made grip, options are available to enhance the feel based on your personal grip style and handicap. Additionally, grips can be fitted with a 20-gram counterweight for those custom orders over 35 inches, ensuring a balanced stroke.

Shaft and Hosel Variants

When it comes to the shaft and hosel, understanding your putting stroke is key. Cleveland HB SOFT 2 putters come with a selection of hosel types to accommodate different stroke paths:

  • Straight Back: Ideal for golfers with a straight putting stroke, ensuring consistent alignment and stroke execution.
  • Moderate Toe Hang: Best for players with a slight arc to their putting stroke, providing a natural feel and flow.

Custom shaft lengths range from 32 to 38 inches, with the center-shafted models maxing out at 37 inches. The customization extends to loft and lie adjustments as well, to match the putter’s performance to your stance and putting style. The presence of a weighting profile in the putter head helps in maintaining stability through your putting stroke, which can be particularly beneficial to your handicap by yielding more consistent results on the green.

Value and Accessibility

When considering the Cleveland HB SOFT 2 putter, your focus is likely on its cost-effectiveness and where you can purchase it. This section will detail the price point in relation to quality, and how accessible it is to obtain through retail channels, including expert feedback on its performance.

Price and Quality Assessment

The Cleveland HB SOFT 2 putter is tagged at a retail price of $149.99, a competitive rate that positions it favorably amongst alternatives such as the higher-end Bettinardi BB series or the innovative Cobra 3D printed models. The HB SOFT Milled face provides quality feedback and a desirable soft feel which contributes to a smooth, true roll—characteristics often found in higher-priced putters. Its value comes from combining performance with affordability—a solid investment for your golf equipment arsenal.

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