Cam Smith WITB 2024

Understanding the gear that top golfers carry can give you valuable insights into the game. You’re likely familiar with Cameron Smith, a professional golfer known for both his skill on the course and his unique hairstyle. What’s in the bag (WITB) profiles like the one you’re reading about Cam Smith provide a peek into the tools of the trade that support his victories and performance. Smith’s choice of clubs reflects his personal play style and the meticulous care that goes into selecting each piece of equipment.

As of mid-2023, a snapshot of Cam Smith’s bag revealed a mix of clubs responsive to his needs. His driver, a Titleist TSR3, was set to 10 degrees—chosen for its balance of forgiveness and control off the tee. Similarly, his fairway woods, including models from Ping and TaylorMade, were tailored to offer versatility for different shot requirements. These selections are not just about the latest technology; they’re about what fits Cam Smith’s game and enables him to compete at the highest levels.

Cam Smith’s Golf Club Selection

When you overview Cam Smith’s golf bag, you’ll find a meticulous collection that carries him through every aspect of the game, from precision driving to the critical short game.

Driver and Fairway Woods

Cameron Smith’s choice of driver is the Titleist TSR3 set to 10 degrees, equipped with a robust Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 6 X shaft, a combination designed for control and power. For his fairway woods, Smith has been known to alternate, but consistently includes the Titleist TSi2 at 15 degrees for a perfect blend of distance and forgiveness, and often a Titleist TS2 set at a higher loft for versatility.

Irons and Wedges

The irons in Smith’s bag are typically a mix that ensures distance control and consistency. For the long irons, the Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi is often the choice, delivering reliability on difficult shots. Transitioning to the scoring clubs, Cameron utilizes Titleist T100 and T100 Black irons, paired with KBS Tour 130 X Custom Matte Black shafts which afford him accuracy on approach. His wedges of choice include the Titleist Vokey Design SM9, offering precision around the greens.

Short Game Mastery

For finessing his way out of tough spots and sticking close to the pin, Cameron Smith employs specialist wedges such as Vokey Design and WedgeWorks Proto. These wedges are crafted for the highest levels of performance and control. In the domain of putting, Smith relies on the proven Scotty Cameron 009M Prototype, which when combined with his touch, becomes a formidable tool on the greens.

Golf Balls and Accessories

The ball in play is pivotal, and for Cameron Smith, the Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x has been his confident choice, known for their consistent flight and spin qualities. Smith’s grip preference, essential for full shots to putting, favors the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Super Tack. These grips deliver a secure and consistent feel through all conditions and shots. As for accessories, Cameron ensures all his equipment complements his play style and are often personalized to his specifications.

Tournament Play and Achievements

Your appreciation of Cam Smith’s career is not just about his impressive swing, but also his consistent performances and strategic equipment choices that have contributed to his victories. Understand how his career milestones are intertwined with his gear, sponsorship, and the impact on the brands he represents.

Cam Smith’s Performance

In a sport where precision and consistency are paramount, Cam Smith has marked his presence with pivotal wins. Notably, his victory at the 2022 Sentry Tournament of Champions set records and his exceptional play at The Players Championship solidified his status as a household name. Moving on to The 150th Open Championship at the historic Old Course at St Andrews, Smith’s performance not only enhanced his reputation but also secured his position as a rising star on the PGA Tour.

Notable Equipment Choices in Key Championships

Cam Smith’s choice of equipment has been instrumental in his success. At the heart of his impressive drives is the Titleist TSR3 Driver, paired with a Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 6 X shaft, providing the accuracy and length needed off the tee. When it comes to irons, the Titleist T100 Black Irons have been a constant in his bag, offering control and feedback required for championship play.

ChampionshipNotable Equipment
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsTitleist TSR3 Driver
PGA Tour EventsTitleist T100 Black Irons
The Open ChampionshipFujikura Ventus TR Blue 6 X Shaft

Impact on Brand and Sponsorships

Smith’s triumphs have a considerable effect on his affiliations. Brands like Titleist, FootJoy, Penguin (Original Penguin), and Mizuno gain from the visibility and association with his wins. For instance, his choice of FootJoy Premiere Series Packard footwear and FootJoy StaSof gloves exemplify top-notch quality relied upon by professionals. His usage of a Scotty Cameron putter further underscores the impact of having tournament-winning gear.

TitleistTSR3 Driver, T100 Irons, and Scotty Cameron Putter
FootJoyPremiere Series Packard, StaSof Gloves
PenguinApparel Sponsor
MizunoPrevious Iron Sets

Your recognition of Cam Smith’s career is elevated through the lens of his tournament outcomes, his discerning gear choices, and the ensuing influence on the market.

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