Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Putter Review

The Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 putter is a key player in the game of precision on the greens. With its classic wide-body, near face-balanced blade, this putter has become a staple among both PGA Tour and LPGA Tour professionals. Crafted with meticulous detail, it is precision milled from a single block of 303 Stainless Steel, ensuring a putter that is not just aesthetically pleasing but also delivers consistent performance. With its sleek design and professional-level model, the Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 embodies the innovation and craftsmanship expected by the most discerning golfers.

Your quest for a champion’s confidence on the putting surface could very well end with this line of putters. Developed with feedback from PGA Tour winner Matt Kuchar, the Studio Stock 28 has evolved into a model that meets the exact standards of competitive players. Whether you opt for the standard version or the advanced Armlock style, which is designed for a unique putting stroke where the grip is held against the lead arm, the putter represents a harmonious blend of traditional play with modern technique.

Understanding the dynamics of a putter is critical, and the Studio Stock 28 series excels in offering a variety of configurations to suit different putting styles. The head weight and additional loft are designed to improve the roll and stability of your putts, ensuring a more consistent performance on the greens. As you wield a putter tailored to the specifications of tour-level players, you’ll find that aiming for precision becomes an integral part of your strategy on the course.

Design and Technology

In this section, we explore the Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Putter, highlighting its design intricacies and the technological advancements that make it stand out in the world of golf equipment.

Materials and Craftsmanship

The Studio Stock 28 is precision milled from a single block of 303 stainless steel. This American-made putter underscores a commitment to premium materials and embodies the expert craftsmanship that the Bettinardi brand is known for.

Innovative Features

This putter introduces new face milling technology, known as Roll Control Face Milling. The innovative groove profile is designed to impart more topspin on the ball, promoting a true roll and improving short game performance.

Model Specifics

The SS28 is a wide-body, near face-balanced blade with a 400-gram head weight and a redesigned head shape that provides players with a unique asymmetrical design. The lie is carefully calibrated and the toe hang is optimized for a responsive feel during the stroke.


A new diamond blast finish provides an anti-glare surface that ensures focus is maintained on the greens. The SS28 also features a bold red and black paint scheme, which aligns with the putter’s sleek, modern aesthetics.

Bettinardi Brand Legacy

Founded by Robert Bettinardi, the brand is renowned for its precision milled putters, crafted at their own manufacturing facility in the USA. The Studio Stock Series is a testament to Bettinardi’s industry-leading standards and commitment to innovation.

Performance Characteristics

The SS28’s weight distribution offers enhanced forgiveness and feedback, suitable for an average to above average golfer looking for audible feedback and a solid feel at impact. The jumbo size Bettinardi Lamkin Sink Fit grip further enhances this sense of control.

Customization Options

Your personal touch can be added via an array of customization options available through Bettinardi. This includes varying grip sizes and putter lengths to fit your stroke and stance.

Golfer Experience

The feel of the putter is where the Studio Stock 28 truly shines, providing you with consistent feedback and a confidence-inspiring experience essential for mastering your short game.

Purchasing Information

The Studio Stock 28 can be purchased with prompt shipping options through the Bettinardi website or authorized dealers. Ensure you have access to genuine products and customer support by buying from reputable sources.

Choosing the Right Bettinardi Putter

When selecting a Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 putter, consider how it complements your putting stroke and aligns with professional insights. Expert recommendations and investment value play a significant role in your decision.

Fit for Your Game

Your short game performance is heavily influenced by choosing a putter that matches your personal style. Bettinardi putters offer precision milled craftsmanhip, ensuring a variety of head shapes to suit your stroke. Whether you prefer the finesse of a blade or the stability of a mallet, the right Bettinardi putter weaves into your game seamlessly. With tailored features like lie and toe-hang, a well-fitted putter can enhance your control and consistency.

Comparative Considerations

Examine comparative facts about various Bettinardi putters before settling on the Studio Stock 28. Look at the material used for the head – typically premium metals, and the feedback it provides during your stroke. Bettinardi’s expertise in producing expertly crafted putters is evident in the Studio Stock series, offering diverse options to meet the demands of your short game.

  • Material: Soft carbon steel for a responsive feel
  • Head Shapes: Tour-inspired for precision and forgiveness
  • Feedback: Clear and consistent audiovisual response

Pro Insights

Turn your attention to the PGA Tour where many pros, like Matt Kuchar, use Bettinardi putters. Embracing a tour player’s flat stick can deliver insights into what might complement your game. Studio Stock 28’s popularity among professionals is a testimony to its reliability under the pressure of competitive play.

Expert Recommendations

Seeking advice from industry experts can provide clarity. They often praise the Studio Stock 28’s balance between a traditional look and modern performance. Expertly crafted with close attention to detail, it fits golfers seeking a putter that offers subtle contours with a near face-balanced design – ideal for a stable and straightforward stroke.

Investment Value

While the price of a Bettinardi putter is at a premium, the investment goes beyond the price tag. It’s an investment in quality that could yield noticeable improvements in your putting. The durable construction and timeless design promise longevity and a consistent level of play.

Make sure to weigh these factors carefully to ensure you choose a Bettinardi putter that offers the best synergy with your putting style and ambitions on the green.