Bell Putters Bell II 410 Broomstick Putter Review

In the pursuit of enhanced precision on the green, the Bell II 410 Broomstick Putter by Bell Putters stands in a league of its own. Renowned for its craftsmanship, this face-on broomstick putter is an innovation designed to aid golfers who struggle with stability and alignment during their putt. With a foundation in a heel-toe-weighted design and a robust 410-gram head weight, the putter promises to offer a balanced stroke. Machined from 303 Stainless Steel, it embodies durability and a premium feel that top-notch golfers seek.

As you navigate the market for putters, Bell Putters’ reputation for quality is reflected yet again in the Bell II 410. The face-on putter isn’t just about heft and substance; it’s about tailored performance. It caters to both right-handed and left-handed golfers and offers customizable length options to suit your stance and style. Whether it’s the standard 45-inch length or a fit ranging from 41 to 48 inches, the Bell II 410 puts ergonomic comfort in your hands, allowing for a putting experience that could reduce the dreaded “Yips” and enhance consistency.

With Bell Putters’ model Bell II 410, you’re not simply investing in a new golf club, but in the potential to refine your game. Its engineering is a testament to Bell Putters’ commitment to innovation, garnering attention such as recognition by Forbes Magazine, and usage by PGA professionals and championship winners, suggesting its high caliber. The careful balance and precision-focused design might be the exact tools you need to improve your performance on the greens.

Design and Technology

When you select the Bell II 410 Broomstick Putter, you’re investing in a club that incorporates modern design elements and technology aimed at enhancing your performance on the greens.

Materials and Construction

The Bell II 410 is milled from 303 stainless steel, a material chosen for its durability and performance in creating high-quality putters. This type of stainless steel is commonly used in the industry for its ability to resist wear and maintain a lustrous finish over time. The use of 303 stainless steel also contributes to the putter head’s substantial weight, which comes in at 410 grams, offering you a stable and reassuring feel during your stroke.

Alignment and Stability

Putter alignment and stability are critical for confident putting. The Bell II 410 employs a design that aids in both. The putter’s head features a heel-toe-weighted cavity back, which is pivotal in providing improved stability and balance. The heel-toe weighting minimizes the putter head’s twisting on off-center hits, thus helping you maintain consistent alignment and performance.

Head Design and Balance

The head of the Bell II 410 is meticulously designed with performance in mind. The heel-toe-weighted cavity back design conforms to USGA guidelines and is aimed at both pros and amateurs, allowing for improved control over the stroke. The putter head weight of 410 grams is distributed evenly to offer you a high moment of inertia (MOI), and the head is also available in multiple lengths, ranging from 41 to 48 inches, to cater to various stances and preferences. Furthermore, the putter head width is 112mm, providing a broad surface area for consistent ball contact.

By integrating these elements into its construction, the Bell II 410 stands as a testament to the fusion of advanced technology and precise design, ensuring your putts are both controlled and accurate.

Performance and Experience

When assessing the Bell Putters Bell II 410 Broomstick Putter, it’s important to look at how it could impact your putting stroke, control and distance on the green, and how comfortable and adaptable the putter is to your playing style.

Putting Stroke Improvement

With its face-on design, the Bell II 410 encourages a pendulum-like stroke, promoting consistency and reducing the chances of the yips. The broomstick length complies with the USGA rules post-anchoring ban, providing you with a legal option to maintain a solid, stable stroke without anchoring the putter against your body.

Control and Distance

The heel-toe-weighted cavity back design of this putter is key for improved distance control, offering consistent feedback across the face. A correct fit, including length options from 41″ to 48″, allows you to find the ideal balance to comfortably control your putting distance and improve your overall performance on the greens.

Comfort and Adaptability

Whether you’re a professional on tour or an amateur, the Bell II 410 offers a range of customization, including the Winn 2-piece (long and short) round grip, that can make the putter feel like an extension of your arm. The 410 gram head weight provides enough heft to ensure stability, while the putter’s adaptability makes aligning your putts and achieving a natural grip posture simpler, fitting your personal preferences and play style.